Property Investors Crash Course FAQs

Property Investors Crash Course FAQ's 

What time does registration start?

Registration starts at 09:00 am on the first day.

What are the timings for the event?Registration:

  • Start Time: The programme starts at 10.00 am prompt, late arrivals may be declined entry.
  • Finish Time: We are scheduled to finish at 6.00 pm however may run over so please keep yourself available until 7.00 pm.

What should I wear?

Please wear suitable and comfortable clothing while at the event.

What should I bring with me?

We recommend that you bring:

  • Pen and Paper for note-taking.
  • Smart device (such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop) in order to look at deals live at the event.
  • Refreshments, such as a water bottle and snacks.

Will there be food provided?

Unfortunately, as this is a free event there is no food provided, however, there will be food stations on-site and around the local area.

Are there any breaks?

Yes, we tend to have breaks every 90 minutes on average for comfort breaks. We will also have longer breaks for lunch and dinner.

Can we bring any children to the event?

If you would like to bring a child they must be at least 13 years old in order to attend the event and must be supervised by a parent or guardian.

Are there any additional courses after the Event?

Yes, but this is optional.

How do I claim my FREE ticket?

Go to and follow the instructions.

How does the Late/No Show Fee work?

Please note that the true cost of the event is over £100 per person, and although we are happy to offer this for free, we do charge £100 for no- shows or late cancellations, as failure to show up results in others missing out.

To avoid this charge, please ensure you arrive and register prior to the start of the event (usually 9.00 a.m.) or that you cancel no later than 14 days from the start of your event.

Bookings made within 14 days of the event are considered final and no-show or late cancellation fees will automatically apply.

Where can I read the full terms and conditions?

Go to

What will I learn at the Property Investors Crash Course?

You'll learn how anyone can become financially free by investing in property.
Beginning your journey as a property investor can be overwhelming as there’s so much conflicting information about how to get started.

You may have heard it said “It all starts at the Crash Course” and that’s because for thousands of successful property investors that is exactly where it started for them.

Claim your FREE ticket to the ‘Property Investors Crash Course’ where you will be shown how you can make a full time income from property even if you are starting with NO MONEY.

Many people have walked away with live deals and joint ventures from the Crash Course, so come with super high expectations.

At this incredible programme you will learn –

  • Creative strategies so you can get started with very little money
  • How to get a sky high return on your investment of 30% plus
  • How to find and test your Goldmine area so that you can achieve the best possible ROI
  • All the rules and compliance so that you can provide safe homes and avoid heavy fines
  • How to value a house before you buy
  • How to build a great power team so that you income can become passive
  • How to easily identify properties that fit the criteria so you can find deals straight away
  • The magic words to say so you can seal the deal

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