From NOTHING to Financial Freedom in 2 MONTHS | Winners on a Wednesday #10

One of my students on the academy who is now a fully fledged property investor, Rahim Bah, had an epiphany shortly after reading my book `Buy Low Rent High’ and is now earning £7,000 per month in passive income, wow! I sat down with him to understand exactly how and why he did it in such a short space of time.


Rahim is a foster child from Sierra Leone who moved to the UK at the age of 15 and was not from an affluent background. After feeling bored with his profession as an accountant, Rahim started to research property where he was influenced by my YouTube videos and as a result, attended the free Crash Course in September. It was here that he secured six deals, four of them being rent to rent which are now making £700 p.c.m each and two buy to lets. In order to secure the buy to let deals, Rahim used the cash flow from his rent to rent properties to invest in them.

Rahim has a huge heart and is similar to me in the sense that we love to give back and are both heavily involved with charity work, hence why he inspires me so much! One of the reasons that he wanted to become financially free was to be able back to the community and to continue the work he has been doing since he was 16 where he became a Youth Ambassador in Croydon. I asked him what he learned at the Crash Course which enabled him to go and find six deals to which he replied, “no matter who you are and if you are a hard worker, you can do whatever you want to in your life, it is down to you.” Rahim set himself a goal of securing  six deals before the end of the year and put his success down to working harder than he ever has before. He is now in the process of systemising his Rent-to-Rent business, and I am going to help him!


In the conclusion of our chat, I asked what would be one piece of advice Rahim would tell himself six months ago when he knew absolutely nothing about property, he replied “find people like yourself who would guide me to get me where I am today. I believe if I would have had you in my life then I would have achieved 100% more than I already did as I had to learn the hard way with certain things. Since I have met you, you have accelerated my business by over 50% so imagine if I had known you for six months before.”


Rahim’s plans for the future are bright “I am building my own portfolio with 4-5 properties and my future plans are to work with you to see if we can establish a letting or sourcing agency in Cardiff.” See folks, this is why I love what I do! I get to work and do business with like minded people. When we spoke about how far he has come, Rahim replied “it feels absolutely amazing because it unbelievable from where you will start and to where you will get to. I sat down thinking where do I start this, but you are there as a great example”.


Let’s go and get this!


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