Good Samaritan who helped stranded ‘millionaire in disguise’ on Sheffield street gets early Christmas present

A mechanic who acted as a Good Samaritan when he helped a man whose car had broken down was stunned when the driver returned days later – and revealed he was a multi-millionaire in disguise.

Tony Tasker, who works at Rutland Autos in Parkwood Springs, came to the rescue when he received a phone call from a distressed motorist called ‘Lucas Ruby’ whose vehicle was stranded near Sheffield city centre.

Tony discovered a faulty petrol gauge was to blame as it indicated a good amount of fuel was left in the tank, when in fact it was empty. He then drove the stricken motorist to a petrol station and got him safely back on the road.

When asked how much he was charging for the call-out, the kindly garage worker refused any money and wished the driver a happy Christmas.

Tony later had a surprise visit from the man calling himself ‘Lucas Ruby’ who revealed that he was actually self-made multi-millionaire property investor Samuel Leeds.

He revealed he had been on an undercover business mission when his 15-year-old vehicle gave out on him and he had to call for help – all while wearing a black wig and false glasses as a disguise.

The businessman handed Tony an early Christmas present as a thank you in the form of a new Samsung mobile phone and a cinema card.

Tony said: “He seemed like a really nice ordinary guy, who hadn’t got a lot to spend on a car.

“I was shocked when I found out who he really was. I googled his name and it was quite a surprise.

“I dropped my phone the day before, so it was great to have a new model in time for Christmas.”

A committed Christian, Mr Leeds runs Property Investors UK, a national training business based in Wolverhampton, in which he has taught thousands of people how to achieve financial success through buying and renting out houses.

The 27-year-old property developer now owns a portfolio of about 30 houses.

He was in Sheffield because of a social media campaign in which about 10, 000 people challenged him to prove he could do it all again from scratch in a different town – and the Steel City was drawn out of the hat.

He was sent to a hotel but with no money to spend, an empty bank account and a zero credit rating.

The results of his ‘financial freedom challenge’ will be revealed in a documentary available on YouTube on Boxing Day.

Describing the kindness he experienced while in Sheffield, Samuel said: “When I asked him how much I owed he just said, forget it mate.

“He was a true Samaritan and the truth was I hardly had anything to give him at that moment anyway.

“I later called the garage and told them who I really was and said I’d like to do something for their mechanic.

“I asked for any suggestions about what I could buy him. They said he had just smashed his Samsung mobile phone and was a bit upset with the expense of Christmas coming up.”

To watch the financial freedom challenge please click here!

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