How to be a successful introvert

How to be a successful introvert

Are you wondering ‘How to be a successful introvert'? If you are then you don't need to panic. The world of entrepreneurial success isn't exclusively for loud, flamboyant extroverts. Far from it. The people you primarily see and hear from may fit that category but that's only because they are more likely to publish content about themselves. There are a plethora of property entrepreneurs out there who are absolutely killing it and aren't saying a word.

The question of introvert vs extrovert often gets thrown up. It's proposed because people are led to believe that you have to be a certain way to get anywhere in life. This is simply not true. If you are a shy, quiet person, of course you can succeed. You might be better suited to running the numbers, crunching deals and analysing spreadsheets – all vital parts of a business. No company can flourish without those nitty gritty details being worked on. These are things which most extroverted entrepreneurs can't do.


What are you good at?

The best thing to do is recognise your strengths. You need to understand what you're best at in order to utilise your skills and create something amazing. Play to your strengths the same way a professional fighter would in the ring. You wouldn't catch an expert wrestler trying to throw kicks and punches – they would do a few of them but focus primarily on their grapple game. The same works in business. If you don't like being on camera, you can write blogs and create podcasts. If you want to take things up one more notch, find a partner who is an extrovert. Joint venture with a person who'll be the yin to your yang. Opposites make great partnerships.

The other thing to bear in mind is that the one key component to success in business has nothing to do with your personality. We are, of course, talking about the ability to sell. Sales is such a fundamental piece of an entrepreneur's jigsaw that success just isn't possible without it. Sales is about asking the right questions and listening. You can be a quiet, humble superstar salesperson.


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