How to be a winner in life

How to be a winner in life

If you are asking yourself ‘How to be a winner in life', you are probably tired of watching others win. You want a piece of the pie and so you should want it. However, there is one fundamental thing you need to do before you can have it. You need to make sure that you have the right mindset. Lots of people reading this will tell the world that they are ready for success but few actually mean it. What would you do if a golden opportunity fell into your laps?

In this video, you'll hear our resident entrepreneurial legend, Samuel Leeds talk about this. If an amazing deal came your way, almost like a gift from the gods, would you let it slip away? You need to always be ready to win. You should wake up every day poised to snap up any hint of success that comes your way. Your vehicle to victory is unlikely to arrive with bells and whistles to alert you. However, on this one occasion it did.

Samuel had a wonderful lease option agreement deal on the table. It was a no money down opportunity with a potential to earn £800 per month in profit. There was also a 3 month break clause which means you can get out of the contract if things don't go well. He was about to put his pen to the dotted line when a thought struck him. It would be a great present for one of his students. He decided to give it to somebody who was sitting at the back of the auditorium with his arms folded and looking negative. This would be a surefire way of fuelling this guy's spirits and making him believe he can achieve. Right?

The gentleman then proceeded to hesitate. He delayed, delayed and delayed. Some hours later, the deal was still unsigned and he revealed that he'd need to speak to his wife before he made a decision. He spoke to her but still needed more time. His deliberation and procrastination cost him dearly as Samuel eventually decided to take the deal away from him. He wasn't ready to be a winner.

Are you?

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