How to be an entrepreneur

How to be an entrepreneur

One of Samuel's favourite quotes is perfect for the topic of how to be an entrepreneur. The quote comes from Albert Einstein and it's along the lines of ‘don't try to be successful, try to be valuable'. It's a wonderful turn of phrase because people starting on their journeys with big desires to find out how to be an entrepreneur often forget one crucial thing. Think about how much value you can provide. Focus on solving problems. Obsess about making people's lives easier. First and foremost, if you want to know how to be an entrepreneur you should ask yourself whether that's your ideal lifestyle.

What is an intrapreneur?

For Samuel, the words entrepreneur and intrapreneur are interchangeable except for one detail. The intrapreneur works within a company while the entrepreneur has their own business. The mindset and approach is essentially the same though. An entrepreneur/ intrapreneur can not be somebody who watches the clock, eagerly anticipating 5PM so they can escape their workplace. That's an employee mindset. Being an entrepreneur/ intrapreneur is about focusing on results and tasks. It's also about taking ownership of your role as if it were a business within a business.

Why most entrepreneurs fail

Statistically, 80% of entrepreneurs fail while most of the 20% are barely successful – they just get by. The reason why could be market factors but on the whole it comes down to the personality of the entrepreneur. To succeed, you need to a problem solver rather than a problem speaker. If you find yourself pointing out issues and difficulties rather than immediately thinking about how to get around those hurdles – entrepreneurship / intrapreneurship is probably not for you. Samuel loves hiring people who are natural leaders, entrepreneurs, inspirers and go-getters because he knows they'll take responsibility, bring energy into business and most importantly, have fun while they're working.

The burning desire

To be an entrepreneur / intrapreneur, you need to have a deep, burning desire to get through all the obstacles you'll be faced with. You have to have fire in your belly and be prepared to use that as fuel to drive toward a mission. Some people have the fire but it gets dampened by fear, lack of support or insecurity. That's why your attitude needs to be strong and positive. If someone's got great skills but a poor attitude, they won't succeed. You need to figure out what you were born to do. If that thing turns out to be entrepreneurship, bear in mind that it is not a side hustle, it's a lifetime commitment.

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