How to be famous

How to be famous

If you want to know how to be famous, you are probably seeking recognition. You might be in a job where you feel unappreciated or your hard work is going unnoticed. The question of ‘How to be famous' rests on your ability to push out quality content and showcase your charisma. You also need to be persistent and consistent. Being famous may not be what you truly want though, it could just be a consequence of your future success. The most important thing is that you do something you genuinely enjoy.

Do what you love

Nobody should be doing something they hate doing. Being financially free doesn't mean you're not working anymore, it means you're doing what you do by choice. Samuel is free but he works everyday, because he loves it. That's why he asks his team members what they enjoy doing, and makes sure to put them in roles that match that. As long as it's productive, value-adding and you enjoy it – do it! Samuel fills his schedule with things he looks forward to doing and encourages his staff to do the same.

It's true to say that if you do something you love, you'll never work a day in your life. You shouldn't be in a job where you're watching the clock waiting for lunch or to leave at the end of the day. Samuel recalls his experiences in school when he would spent most of his day, counting the hours down – that's no way to live. Most people go to university to please their parents, in order to get jobs that they don't really want and wind up with debt that didn't ask for. You only have one life so why don't you figure out what you enjoy and make a living from that? The truth is most people won't do it because they are unprepared to take action, they're frozen by fear. Samuel believes he can ascertain whether somebody will be successful by spending 3 minutes with them. By observing their thoughts, language, mind and mannerisms he can tell.

So, what kind of life will you lead?

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