How to Become Financially Free in 2021

Samuel Leeds

How to Become Financially Free in 2021!!

Hey guys, Samuel Leeds. One of Amanda's and my favourite places in the UK is Sandbanks beach. And we recently went there as part of Amanda's 29th birthday activities.

Anyway, while relaxing and enjoying the sunshine on this beautiful, sandy beach, a thought came to mind. For most people, the beach is a dream destination. Just picture a white sandy beach and clear turquoise waters. Breathtaking, isn't it?

However, despite all its beauty, it's free for anyone to go to the beach. So the people I could see lying on the beach or dipping in the ocean didn't pay anything to be there. And it got me thinking, “Why aren't more people here then?” Well, seeing as it was a weekday, many people were obviously busy working to pay the bills.

 Do You Really Need More Money?

People tend to think they need more money, but what they actually need is more time. The reason there weren't more people at the beach that day was not that they couldn't afford it. It's that they didn't have the time.

I believe the best things in life are free. But they might as well cost the earth if you don't have the time to enjoy them. England seldom experiences extreme heat in the summer, but here I was enjoying hot, sunny weather with temperatures of 28°C. I mean, with such rare temperatures, you'd expect a crowded beach, but it was empty because everybody was at work.

So if you're slaving away thinking you need to be a millionaire or earn tens of thousands of pounds each month to live your dream life, think again. Apart from a decent house and car, good things in life don't really cost that much. Being a millionaire and driving luxury cars is nice and all, but it's not a necessity for enjoying life. I want time because I realized when you have time, your quality of life suddenly improves significantly.

How to Create More Time in Your Life

To have more time in your day, you first need a different type of income. Instead of earning active income, you need to learn to make passive income. That is money that comes in whether you go to work or not.

And the good thing is, you don't even need to earn that much in passive income. Just £2,000 to £5,000 a month in passive income should set most people up for life. And not just any life, but a great life as you'll have more time to do things you enjoy like going to the beach perhaps.


Question: So, what is the best way to earn passive income?

Answer: Property investment.

If you own a piece of real estate and rent it out, you will get rent every month. And that rent will count as passive income. Depending on various factors, such as size and location, even one property can be enough to cover your bills. Then you'll have the time to hang out at the beach each day if you want. 

However, I can assure you this, not doing anything all day every day gets boring fast. So don't be surprised if you end up starting other businesses, setting up charities for a cause you feel passionate about, or doing mission work as I've done. But remember, the first step is becoming financially free.


Question: That said, how are you going to get properties to rent, more so if you have no money? 

Answer: Simple, using property investment strategies.

I teach various property investment strategies at the Academy, including:

  • Rent-to-rent. You find a cheap rental property. It could be a house or an apartment. Then rerent it out as a serviced accommodation on Airbnb or You systemize it, and before you know it, you'll be earning passive income.
  • Lease option agreement. You rent and control a given property with the option to purchase it during or at the end of a specified period. In the meantime, you get to rent it, benefiting from rental income as well as capital appreciation. But all you'll have paid is a £1 option fee and some legal fees.


Bottom Line

I hope this article inspires different thinking about how you earn your income. Aspire to earn passive income as opposed to active income. And remember, you don't need that much to gain financial freedom and change your world.

So stop worrying about becoming a millionaire, driving a luxury car, or saving up loads of money. Your focus should be on making two to five thousand pounds monthly in passive income. For more educational and motivational content, subscribe to my Youtube channel. Until next time, guys. 




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