How to find tenants and more

Finding Tenants

It's Q&A Sunday! That means your questions get answered by our resident property icon, Samuel Leeds. In this episode, one of the things that Samuel discusses is how to find tenants. If you are wondering how to find tenants, it's possible that you have a problematic property – there's something about the situation which isn't appealing. The truth is that you can make any property work and if you are unsure how to find tenants, it's either because the rent is too high or the standard isn't high enough. If you do your research before acquiring the property, you shouldn't run into these problems.

Finding Properties

Another question was about the difficulty of getting in touch with the vendors and agents of the right kinds of properties. Samuel says this really shouldn't be one of your challenges, this is one of the basic things that gets taught at the crash course. If you are struggling to find your properties, all you have to do is pick up your phone. Call estate agents, vendors, deal sourcers, investors – then, introduce yourself and tell them what you are looking for. You don't even have to ask about a particular house, just give them your criteria! Whether it's HMO's or BMV properties you're looking to put in a package, let them know.

Viewings with Vendors

One other interesting topic in this episode is about getting viewings with vendors directly. It's a powerful thing, to be able to view a property without the agent – you might be able to strike better or more creative deals. Samuel's advice is to take a look at Open Rent , Gumtree and Spare Room. On there, you'll be able to get in contact directly with landlords and usually they're motivated sellers. Alternatively, if you have to go via an agent there is one trick you can deploy. You could book your viewing in the evening. Agents dislike working in the evening so they are likely to allow a viewing directly with the vendor.

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