How To Offer on Rent2Rents? LANDLORD DIRECT

Samuel leeds

How To Offer on Rent2Rents? LANDLORD DIRECT

Hello! This is Samuel Leeds, your property guide. Today, we will discuss how to make an offer on rent 2 rent property. So, I took out some numbers and called one of the landlords to make an offer.

A House to be on good Rent2Rent

A lady picked up a phone and then we started discussing about her father’s property, it’s the eight big HMO which she put up for five thousand pounds. I can also email them but then I thought it’s better to discuss it on-call that we have an offer for them. I asked her about the cost of utilities but she doesn’t have any idea. So on assumption we discuss that I would pay the bills and everything to which she agreed. She was asking for five thousand for a rent because she has to pay 10% of maintenance and other voids.


I offered her four thousand pounds with guaranteed rent and will pay all the bills and management and there will be no late payments. I gave a guarantee of four years because it's 400 pounds and then they have to pay the tenant find fee every time they find a tenant. So being a landlord myself I suggested her that she would be left with less if she manages everything so if we paid more than that we will not make any profit.

Hassle Free Rent

This could be the best offer where they don’t have to put themselves in hassle. We will manage everything, the maintenance, management and the bills. It will be a four years contract and after that I could hand out the other property or either extend the contract but it should be in the same condition as before. If it’s not then of course we will be liable to any cost. She almost agreed and told me that she will discuss it with her husband and father and then told me her decision.

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