Lord Sugar’s Advisor: Linda Plant Property Investment Tips! (3 Powerful Lessons)

Linda Plant Property Investment Tips: At a recent training event, The Apprentice's Queen of Mean, Linda Plant, spoke to my students about business and property. Linda spoke about everything: from how she started from humble beginnings; to starting her own business; to meeting Lord Sugar. It was a fascinating and insightful talk that no property investor or business person can afford to miss.

You can watch the full video at the top of the page. I highly recommend watching the video until the end, as it contains information on the exact mindset and skills you will need to succeed.

Linda, as well as being a highly successful business person, has also been involved with high-end property. At the event, she told the room exactly how she approaches property deals. In this article, I will summarise 3 of those Linda Plant property investment tips.

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1. Linda Plant Property Investment Tips: Selling Houses Is Like Selling Any Product

Linda has traded in everything, from electronics to sweaters, to high-end residential property. She has the same approach no matter what she is selling. It can be easy to think that property is somehow different to selling other products and services but, at a fundamental level, it is not. You need a willing buyer and a willing seller, just like any other product. Essentially, the rules are the same!

Linda spoke about the need to build relationships to succeed in business. To do this, you need to: be knowledgable about your product and the industry; be honest; and be realistic. On The Apprentice, Linda is often faced with reviewing candidates business plans that are extremely unrealistic. While it is great to have self-confidence, be conservative with what you present to the public and investors. Under promise, overdeliver!

2. Linda Plant Property Investment Tips: Always Say ‘Yes’ Until You Have To Say ‘No’

When Linda was first approached about selling clothes wholesale, she didn’t have a wholesale business. She had 13 retail shops. But when she was asked ‘do you sell these clothes wholesale?’ she said ‘yes’. Linda explained that you should always say ‘yes’ until you have to say ‘no’. If a new opportunity comes your way, try to find a way to take it.

You create your own luck. If you are open to everything, you will find that there are more ways to make money than you previously thought. Look at customer needs in your industry and find ways to fulfil them. If a customer wants something you don’t offer, find out if you can provide it, rather than saying ‘no’.

3. Linda Plant Property Investment Tips: Always Be Learning

Linda said, “I’m probably the oldest woman in the room but, you know what, I'm still learning”. Business people and property investors are perpetual students. No matter how much you know, there is always something more to find out. People that think they know everything are quickly overtaken by those that are willing to humble themselves. Things are always changing, something that worked one week may not work the next.

If you are just starting out on your business and property journey, get into the habit of learning! Read books on business and real estate. Attend every event and training that you can, and set aside a budget to do so. Watch relevant YouTube videos and listen to podcasts. Keep learning and growing at all times.

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