Looking at £20,000,000 Mansions on Rightmove

Samuel Leeds

Looking at £20,000,000 Mansions on Rightmove..

Hey, guys Samuel and Amanda here. This week's episode of the Samuel and Amanda Show is all about beautiful mansions in and around the London area. One of Amanda and I's favourite pastimes is viewing luxury houses on Rightmove. Some people call it property porn, maybe because looking at desirable properties is visually pleasing. “Sounds a little bit crude,” Amanda said, referring to the term property porn.

Anyway, we'll talk about properties and share our housing preferences, but our main objective is to view the different houses worth millions of pounds on the market currently. So we recommend heading over to YouTube and watching the video to see the properties yourself. “This is a YouTube special,” Amanda remarked. But first, what have we been up to this past week?


Weekly Catch Up

“This week's been super chilled,” Amanda said. She also gave an update on her weight loss journey, revealing that she's now lost half a stone. “That's incredible,” I responded. She added that it's through clean eating rather than exercising that she's achieved that milestone.

I, on the other hand, haven't been around that much. I was busy running the Deal Finding Extravaganza and the Deal Selling Masterclass, so I was away for about five days straight. But I had the best time, and congratulations to everyone that attended.

Looking at Houses on Rightmove

A reminder that you can see the various homes we viewed on my YouTube channel. The large, impressive houses were located in and around Beaconsfield and ranged in price, with the most expensive costing £20,000,000. Usually, we scroll by price, from the highest to the lowest. But these are the highlights from the video.

Do We Have the Same Taste in Houses?

Weirdly, Amanda and I have the same taste in houses. In fact, Amanda has in the past solely picked out a home for us to live in and just sent me the new address. I trust her preference in houses that much.


What Are These Tastes?

Amanda explained that she loves houses that look luxurious but also homely or, in other words, “not so in your face.” And I couldn't agree more. I think understated houses are delightful.

I am also obsessed with balconies. If you want me to be a sucker for a house you're selling, you want it to have a balcony, especially in the master bedroom, and palm trees in the compound. With these two features, you'll likely have me sold right there and there.

Another thing that Amanda and I both like is white houses. “We like them to look nice and modern and fresh,” Amanda explained. Think of a residential property you'd see while on holiday abroad.

“I love a drive into the house,” Amanda further disclosed. Ideally, it should be a driveway with a roundabout. “That would be really, really cool,” Amanda said, all smiles. “I also love it when you can walk around the whole house,” she continued. “Yeesss!” I agreed.

Amanda also stated she loves a beautiful kitchen with a spacious island. The main reason being she spends a lot of time in the kitchen with the kids, so “it's nice to have a bigger space.” Amanda also revealed she's a sucker for a beautiful dressing room, preferably with an island.

I love having a private gate. And although we haven't got this, I love an entrance hall with a split staircase facing the front door. Split stairs (bifurcated stairs) have one sweeping set of wide steps that split off into two smaller flights going in opposite directions. And ideally, the upstairs floor plan should be such that you can walk around the top as you go off into different rooms.

A swimming pool used to be on my list as well. But since we got our £30,000 swim spa, it’s proved to provide benefits of a swimming pool and much more. With a swim spa, you can have the water as hot or as cold as you want, it's outside so even more refreshing, and it's clean and easy to maintain.

Another thing I love is a house on a hill, which is why I'd never want to live in High Wycombe as it literally lies in a valley. I want to feel high up, and not to mention, a home that sits in a raised area of land has spectacular views. Your home should feel like a castle. And to me, that's a house that's on a higher level than the surrounding area.


Final Words of Wisdom

Scrolling Rightmove together or sending links to houses we like to each other is something Amanda and I do regularly. We look at luxury houses for rent and sale all across the country. Go here if you want to see which properties we liked and those we didn't. 

“Do you think that you have to love property to be very successful in property?” I asked Amanda. “I think you have to love property and be very interested,” she answered, adding that to be successful in something, you have to immerse yourself in every which way. 

It's also important to visualize the life you want. As a teenager, I used to jog around the best neighbourhood of town so I could see the good houses and I'd imagine living there. So don't just write down your goals. Go a step further and create a vision board that you can look at each day.

If you have a topic you'd like us to talk about in the next episode of the Samuel and Amanda Show, leave a comment in the previous episode. Until then, it's goodbye from us.

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