Deal Selling Masterclass

How to start a professional ‘Deal Selling’ business in just 4 weeks

This four-week online programme combines both theory and practice as it prepares you to set up a successful deal selling business. 

Samuel has packaged and sold hundreds of deals and on this programme he will take you through the exact blueprint that he and many of his students have used so successfully. 

What is Deal Selling

Deal selling, also known as deal sourcing or deal packaging, is actually very simple.

It's the act of finding a property that is for sale that would be a good investment. 

Doing due diligence on the property and then selling that information to an investor for a fee.

Getting Started

01: Deal Sourcing Defined

02: Getting Paid the Big Bucks

03: Reputation Building

04: Roadmap to Success

Finding The Deals 

01: Getting Great Property Deals

02: Filling Your Pipeline

03: Booking The Right Viewings

04: Viewings & Due Diligence

Becoming Compliant & Legal

01: Going Legal

02: Non-Disclosure Agreements

03: Landing Page on Website

04: CRM System

05: Complaints Procedure & Website Legals

06: Co Deal Sourcing

07: Company Set Up

08: Insurance

09: Property Redress Scheme

10: Data Protection and GDPR

11: Anti Money Laundering

12: Bank Account, Invoices, Tax & VAT

13: Terms & Conditions

Building Your Investor List

01: The Money is in The List

02: Network Events

03: Know Your 20 Seconds Pitch

04: Collecting Data

05: Creating Stories That Sell

06: Leverage Other's Platforms

07: Using Property Forums Effectively

08: Another Use for Auctions

09: Utilising Events Properly

10: Getting -in- With Influencers

11: How to Get Referrals

12: Social Media Settings

13: Social Media Strategies

14: Become a YouTuber

15: Changing Your Circle

16: Spotting Those Under Your Nose

Selling The Deal

01: Everything is Sales

02: Magic Email & Call to Action

03: FAQ from Investors

04: Sealing the deal

05: Closing the contract

06: Getting Paid

07: Training your investors

08: The Big Reveal

09: Setting Expectations

10: Transferring the Offer

11: Direct to Vendor Agreement

12: Keeping Investors Happy

13: Final Thoughts

You will be given lifetime access to the course and if anything changes will we change the course material to reflect those changes. So rest assured you’ll always be bang up to date.

It’s designed to take 4 weeks but you can work through the modules at your own speed.

You can start immediately, as the training is online you can fit the training around your schedule. You’ll also be granted lifetime access so that you can work at your own pace.

The cost of the programme is £995 (including all taxes) 

This includes the Step-by-Step Manual and Contract Pack (RRP £500) which can be purchased separately.

This is exactly what you will be able to do once you have completed the Deal Selling Masterclass.

At this powerful programme you will learn how to:

  • How to find, evaluate and package great property deals
  • How to set up a compliant and legal deal selling business
  • How to build an active investor list so that you can easily sell your deals
  • Learn Samuel’s proven step by step sales process
  • Why so many ‘Deal Sellers’ fail and how to avoid making the same mistakes
Deal Selling Masterclass

Special Offer!

Get the Step by Step Manual and Contract Pack for FREE (RRP £500)

FREE! When you purchase the Deal Selling Masterclass Online.

This includes full written instructions as well as all the contracts and documentation that you need!

Included Documents

We have done it all for you, including –

  • Due Diligence Checklist
  • Deal Selling Complaints Policy
  • Bespoke Deal Sourcing Agreement
  • Exclusivity Agreement
  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Deal Selling Company Terms and Conditions
  • Co Deal Sourcing Agreement
  • Viewing Checklist
  • Co Deal Sourcing Agreement
Part 1 
  • What is property sourcing? Who would use it and why? 
  • How to replace your full time income with property sourcing
  • Step by Step business set up and compliance – including costings
  • Where to find deals – and tips to spot ones that others are missing 
  • How to assess the deals (including an example development spreadsheet) 
  • List of example conversion costs
  • How to secure the deal
Part 2
  • Building a hot list of investors 
  • Networking advice
  • Information on Bettersourced website to help your conversion rate
  • How to market your deals
  • Example sales pitch email
  • Advice on overcoming investor objections 
  • How to transfer the offer from your name to the investors name

It all starts at the Crash Course

Whether you are an experienced deal seller or looking to start your property investment journey with deal selling you should attend Samuel's Deal Sourcing Crash Course. 

In ONE DAY Samuel will give you the blueprint to selling your first deal within four weeks and with an average finders fee of £3k you don't need many to build a successful deal sourcing business, replace your income and get into property investing full time. 

From finding those bargain properties to growing your investor list Samuel will teach you what you need to know! Understand what to say to Estate Agents to get them on your side and how to talk to investors – everything you need to start selling and getting paid fast!

For JUST £1 you can secure your place at the next Deal Sourcing Crash Course.