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Hello everyone! I am Samuel Leeds, a property guide from the UK. In this video, I will share the biggest, massive and humongous problem in Liverpool: the builders back off from their projects and leave their unfinished jobs and other people in trouble. I had a job that needed to be completed in two weeks, and my builder just vanished all of a sudden. As per the builders, they are going bankrupt, and they cannot finish the house. 

Now, I am heartbroken and upset as I have very tight deadlines and no one to finish the job I took months ago. I will share about who came to my rescue and how he took care of everything and took me out of trouble. So let's see what happened and how things changed drastically for me!

The Real Problem

The house owner is mad at the builder because it was nowhere close to being finished or even halfway through the completion process when he visited the house. The whole place was a huge mess, and the builders fled as they were getting bankrupt. The builder kept invoicing me for things he was using in the building process, but later, he left the work by saying that I didn't clear his invoices. This is how untrustworthy the people are in this world! I shouldn't have trusted the builder and visited him at every step. Anyways, now I am left with no option but to hire another builder who can wrap up things in just two weeks, or otherwise I will be screwed for life. 

Who came to the rescue?

While I was in a bottomless pit, I kept digging for builders who could take up the challenge and finish the work in two weeks. It was then Mark and Dave came to my rescue and saved my sinking ship. When we met at the door of the house, it was a complete disaster. Everything was a huge mess, and it felt like a tornado had hit the place as every single corner of the house seemed terrible. I inquired with Mark about the finish time as I was landscaping my tasks and deadlines. 


When the builder was being contacted, the owner only got threatening replies and then nothing. He was being asked not to enter Liverpool or go North unless he was being asked to. That was all that he had to offer in the end. But thankfully, Mark saved the day as soon as I called him. He pulled over and agreed to get everything in place within two weeks. Now, this seems to be a great challenge, and if he pulls it off well, I will call him a big drink!

How things transformed overnight?

Mark has a magic wand! Man, he completely transformed the whole place in just three days which is one of the most significant achievements, I would say. When I visited the site after three days, it seemed like someone had tried to save it. The house has begun to seem like a place to live. He did it in three days what the builder could not in three months!


The walls could not be touched as they were being painted and were up for corporate printing. Going upstairs gave me huge surprises as their paint has begun there as well. Things have sped up with Mark! Everything looked amazing with the color in place! Paint wholly transformed the whole site! When I headed to the bathroom, I was utterly stunned at how intelligently he has utilized the same space and added a bathtub as well. When the kitchen was visited, the paint and tiles were so in sync that they gave out a completely different look and feel. However, the backdoor still needs to be fixed.


Everything seemed to be coming together in just three days. There was a whole team of different people who were busy in their jobs so smoothly. Everything seemed so seamless and well connected. Everyone seems to be in the loop and entirely dwelled on finishing their tasks. I am pleased to see how the whole place has been renovated. Mark brought in the decorators, the carpet fitters, the electrician, the plumber, and everyone who was needed to fix this place. He completely transformed the disaster into a peaceful home in just three days.


I am still amazed at how fantastic Mark is with his job and how professional at the same time. Also, I am dazzled at how the last builders just fled away with no sense of responsibility. This was quite weird as they had already completed 15 jobs for us. I still can't figure out what made them do this to us.


Anyways, it must have been a blessing in disguise for us as finding Mark has been such a great experience in every way. As far as the ceiling is concerned, he will bring it down a bit, add a little bulkhead above and patch it up to add some beautiful animations. I am so impressed and delighted at how things have progressed so far. Mark has done a fantastic job! By the end of the week, Mark claims that the renovation would be complete, so he will then call the decorator and carpet fitters to add an exquisite touch to the whole place. 

Wrap up!

It is truly remarkable how incredibly he has managed the work and his team. I would say it is always a good idea to have a backup unit. As soon as Mark came in, he brought along his team of carpenters, plumbers, electricians, plasterers, joiners, etc. there was no hassle, and the whole process seems to be just perfect. If not for Mark, I would have been badly screwed! I would have been dwindling, and no one would have come to my rescue! After the final facelift, I am sure the whole place will come out just perfect! In the end, I would like to say that do not worry about the bad builders; they always get you down. Remember to always have a backup plan! That’s all for now! Don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel! See you!


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