R2SA success in Wales!

Power couple finds R2SA success in Wales

Are you from Wales? Thinking of finding a patch in Swansea or Cardiff, and wondering if it could work? Well let me put you at ease! This week Samuel talks to Kellie and Shanelle Edwards. Together this power couple talks about their journey and doing whatever it takes to achieve your own personal financial freedom. From bank loans, to working in Australia, to building a thriving property portfolio in Wales.

Kellie & Shanelle Edwards are financially free after six months of unrelenting phone calls, negotiating and deal sourcing. Ultimately landing four R2SA deals they quit their jobs and now make hands-off passive income. At just the young age of twenty-five and twenty-four with their property portfolio they intend to expand over the years, this power couple are taking Wales by storm. The Edwards are more than happy to take you along for the ride by sharing their story in the hopes to inspire you to make that vital decision and join property investors in the UK or around the world. Kellie & Shanelle Edwards both started out how many, if not all of Samuel's success students start out, by attending the FREE two day crash course. Take the step. – Claim My Free Two Day Crash Course Tickets.

I understand that becoming a property investor is no small thing, however, the ROI it can have on you is positively life changing. Every Wednesday Samuel shares one success story after another and it very well could be you next!


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