Rent-to-SA Portfolio in Edinburgh!

Rent-to-SA Portfolio in Edinburgh!

Do you want your own Rent-to-SA Portfolio in Edinburgh?

Once Upon a time…

Allow me to take you to a time that feels long since forgotten. A time before the days of self-isolation. Before the self-quarantine and rapid expansion of COVID-19 across the UK. Before the toilet rolls were rare commodities and hand-sanitisers were bountiful.

Allow me to take you back just a few weeks ago. To the breathtakingly historic city of Edinburgh.

Scotland throughout history has seen its fair share of ups and downs alongside its constant tumble and struggle with England. For southern property investors, it’s like a whole new land. With different laws, rules and regulations. And with these changes comes a hesitancy to learn and invest there. The same can be said for anyone. It’s understandable that you become attached. You’ve found a patch that works for you and that’s great. However, the opportunities that are out there, exists all over the globe.


Whether you’re English, Welsh, Scottish or from anywhere the thought and hassle of having to learn new things to expand your portfolio is easily brushed aside. DO NOT do this. Don’t box yourself in just because you’re comfortable. Seek more!

Now we’re not asking you at this current time to book a trip to the Canary Islands to start your abroad property portfolio. (Far from it, please don’t do that.) We simply wish to show you that it’s possible. With just enough self-belief and with the right amount of training and a tendency to take educated risks, the skies could quite literally be your limits. (Or at least until Elon Musk has colonised Mars)

In this video, Samuel and the gang meet up with successful Irish property entrepreneur Micheal Byrne and his team to tour his Rent-to-SA portfolio in Edinburgh. Along the way we learn, tips, tricks and hear figures that’ll make you wonder “Why didn’t I expand YEARS ago!”


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