Rent To Serviced Accommodation (£2,000 A Month PROFIT!)

In a recent YouTube video, I visited one of my student's rent to serviced accommodation deals in Winchester. Darcy is a member of the Property Investors Academy and quit her job at age 19. She is now 20 and is making £2,000 a month from this property. You can check out the listing for her Airbnb here or follow her on Instagram here.

R2SA (Rent To Serviced Accommodation) can be an extremely profitable way to get into property without needing to purchase a house or apartment. R2SA is a property business that allows you to control a property without having to own it. You rent the property from the landlord and then offer it to clients as a holiday let on platforms such as Airbnb. As long as you use the correct contracts, this is perfectly legal and a win-win for you and the property owner. In this article, we will take a look at 3 sites you can use to find direct to landlord leads for rent to rent deals.

1. OpenRent

OpenRent is a website that lets landlords advertise their properties directly to the public without needing to use a letting agent. You can find apartments and houses to rent with the ability to speak with the landlord directly. You can contact landlords and arrange to view properties meeting your specifications. Make sure to explain that you will not be staying in the property and you would like the property as a corporate let. Once you are viewing the property, you can explain the details of R2SA and the benefits to the landlord.

Send out messages before doing in-depth analysis of the properties; there is no point doing all the calculations only to get a ‘no’. Once you have a ‘yes’, work out what you can afford to offer for a property and if it will work for your strategy.

2. Spareroom

Spareroom isn’t just for rooms. You can also use the options on the search page to look for studio flats and 1 bed apartments. You can also look for whole properties. There are therefore a number of ways to find properties on Spareroom for R2SA. You can search for individual apartments; you can look for properties being rented as a whole property; or you can look for properties that are going to be rented by the room but are currently empty. Whatever option you choose, you will need to find a landlord who is happy to let the whole property to you in exchange for a guaranteed rent.

3. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook and property searching may not sound like an obvious combination, but there are some great property deals on Facebook Marketplace! Facebook is an excellent tool for contacting landlords, as you can easily message them from their listing. It is also a good place to start, as you probably already have a Facebook account and can get going immediately. Get messaging landlords and find someone who is happy to rent to you on a corporate let.

If you would like to learn more about R2SA and property in general, I would like to invite you to the Property Investors Crash Course. Tickets are free and you will have the chance to meet me and the team in person. You can book your free ticket here. See you there!

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