Samuel 365 UPDATE!

Samuel 365

We set up Samuel365 over lockdown to support all the people that were understandably struggling during unprecedented times.

We’ve always offered free training but traditionally at live events, such as the Property Investors Crash Course, which unfortunately we weren’t able to do.

Samuel365 was crazy, £95 per month for unlimited mentoring and a weekly mastermind plus many other features including online courses etc and we are actually losing money running it.

We have now returned to live events and as of December we will be making some big changes to Samuel365. The mentoring calls and weekly mastermind will be disappearing from the platform and will be replaced by stacks of new content. It will become more of a Net flix style platform with online training, educational videos and property ebooks. As a result the price will significantly reduce from £95 per month to £7.99 per month.

What happens next?

You’ll receive a couple of emails explaining that your subscription has been cancelled and then another stating it's been reinstated at £7.99. You don’t need to do anything else and these are automated emails so please feel free to ignore them.

As a Samuel365 member you’ll have seen just how much value we bring and that we always over deliver. If you want to continue receiving the unlimited mentoring, weekly mastermind plus lots more click the button below and our team will be in touch to talk to you about the Academy and lots of other advanced training programmes that we can offer you.

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