No. 1 Top Troll – Samuel Leeds Reviews

The vast majority of Samuel Leeds reviews are overwhelmingly positive, but it is impossible to please all of the people all of the time. This is particularly true when the person posting the review is a little odd, to put it politely…

I had a bad review online, and I did some investigations into the review. The review is now down, but that's the least of my concerns. I'm genuinely concerned for the safety of the person that left the review.

I mean, this is a real live Stan situation! I don't know if you've ever heard the song Stan by Eminem? In the song, he had a fan and the fan turned crazy because Eminem didn't respond to a letter. It was on Eminem’s conscience, but the fan was a fruit cake. I have a similar tale…

You can watch the full story in the video (above) or keep reading this article for a summary of events.

Samuel Leeds Reviews: What He Said

Let me explain this story, obviously I'm going to keep it anonymous. This is the review that I had: “Went on his course and didn't learn anything. Samuel makes all his money from selling courses and doesn't actually care about his customers. Complete liar. Would give zero stars if I could.”

Wow, so that was the review. It is now down because we reported the review. The reason we reported it is that it's defamatory. I mean, claiming I am a “complete liar,” for example, is not true.

The interesting thing is, I did some digging and found who left me the review because I matched the names up. It was somebody who previously had messaged me on Instagram…

Plot Twist: The Review Was From A ‘Fan’

This ‘bad review person’ messaged me in May last year, about 10 months ago, saying, “I will do anything to work for you, even as a servant in your house for no pay, I just need to be around you. Please, I'm begging you, give me a chance.”

I responded because I respond to pretty much all DMs that come in. I must say when I get messages like this, like people say I'm begging, I want to come and work for you and live in your house, it's a little bit strange, you know, but you want to be nice, so I responded and said, “Hi mate, I'm sorry, but we're not really looking for servants in our home. But if you want to be around me, you're welcome to come to a crash course. Alternatively, find some good support networks around your home. All the best.”

He then responded and said, “I'm shocked you even responded. Wow, thank you, Samuel. You're not like all the other educators, you actually care. I must have watched every single one of your YouTube videos, and my family think I'm crazy. I'm really struggling at the moment, and I'm unemployed. Do you know of any good support networks? I will not stop until we are doing deals together.”

Again, slightly strong, right? So I responded and just said, “Get around good people and remember to enjoy the process. Building wealth takes time, but I sincerely hope to see you win.” He then messaged a few times, like just telling me how much of a fan he was and putting fire emojis and things like that. But that was the last time I spoke to him until January this year.

Samuel Leeds Reviews: Then He Becomes Demanding

End of Jan, I get a message from this person saying, “I came to the crash course like you said, and I found the best deal in the room, but you wouldn't even get me on stage to pitch it to you. Is there any chance of just a 5-minute call with you?”

I don't remember if at the time I saw this message right away or not, but I didn't respond to that message. I mean, this kind of person, he's come to a crash course, he's now wanting a phone call, he wanted to live in my house, it's a little bit much! Hands up, I didn't respond.

So he messaged again, “5 minutes on the phone is all I need to completely change my life. I know you are a man of God, I'm begging you.” Again, I didn't respond to that message. I can't remember at the time whether I saw it or not, but that was left unresponded to. He then messaged me just a question mark, and then again a question mark, and then again another question mark.

This is where it goes very Stan-like. I can almost hear the music. “You don't really care about people. You clearly only care about making money. I thought you were different. All I asked for was 5 minutes, but you didn't even have the decency to respond. Sorry I even asked, mate.” That’s when he left a bad review!

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