Samuel Leeds’ Wife is a Property Investor | Winners on a Wednesday #38

Today’s episode of winners on Wednesday features Amanda Leeds the wife of Samuel.  Amanda’s history within property started in 2010 where she was working as a quantity surveyor. This role involved her calculating and managing costs on projects, measuring drawings and working out costs for new buildings. Another part of her job required her to invest companies’ money into refurbishing projects.

Although Amanda wasn’t coming from a strong investment background she had taken on enough information through her job role. Making it an easy transition into the world of investment. Being married to Samuel has also given Amanda first-hand experience of what it takes to be a successful property investor.

Using her current experience and knowledge Amanda decided that in order to learn as much as possible. She would throw herself right into the midst of property. She created a property management company than founded company that handled refurbishments. Utilizing her background as a surveyor her businesses flourished. This enabled her to learn while on the job and also create good income every month.

When Amanda became pregnant she was faced with a decision to make. She wanted to fully embrace the next chapter in her life and become a full time mom, this led her into leaving her positions in both businesses.

Having children also resulted in Samuel wanting to step away from property training and focus more on family life. Amanda soon realized that he needed to complete the mission he was on, teaching gave him a true fulfillment. She urged him to get back to training with her full support.

In turn, Samuel gave his wife Amanda the belief that she could return to properties. Most recently she has found herself back in the game. She recently closed on a property in Doncaster. Which will be turned into two apartments. She also looking into purchasing a plot of land for further development.

Her best advice for anyone aspiring to get on the property investment ladder is to get booked onto the property investors crash course.

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