Should I Go To University Or Start A Business? 5 Powerful Questions To Ask Yourself!

Should I Go To University Or Start A Business?: Is the entire country completely financially illiterate? I would argue, probably yes! I recently did an experiment where I went to Cambridge University and was speaking to some of the students there that were studying economics. They are basically studying financial literacy at one of the most prestigious universities in the country!

I asked them simple questions. Basic 101 questions. I would almost expect my six-year-old kids to be able to answer these questions, and the results were absolutely staggering. If you would like to hear my take on the whole experience, I would highly recommend watching the full video at the top of the page. In this article, I will give you 5 powerful questions to ask yourself if you are planning to go to university.

Should I Go To University Or Start A Business? Questions To Ask Yourself!

1) What do they actually teach you at university?

When you are deciding whether to attend University, it is important to consider what they actually teach. By this, I don’t mean subjects, but rather the end goal of the educational process. Is the aim to create academics, employees or business people? Do their goals align with your goals?

If you want to be an academic or an employee, may be university will work for you. But often, if you want to go into business for yourself, the education you will receive isn’t fit for purpose. Have a look at the curriculum and see if it is orientated towards your goals.

2) Why do people with degrees in economics not understand basic economics?

I have noticed that people with degrees in economics don’t understand the basics of the day-to-day economics of running a business. They may have a detailed understanding of inflation or some other macro topic, but not a clue about the everyday stuff every entrepreneur knows!

If you are considering studying economics, think about why you want to do it. Do you want to make money in the business world, or do you want to publish academic papers? Your goal may help you determine whether university is right for you!

3) If you want to start a business, will university actually help you do that?

There are many good reasons to go to university, but from what I have seen, learning how to start a business isn’t one of them! Once again, consider your goals and the goals of university.

If you are looking to network and get a corporate job, university could work for you. If you want to build something for yourself, there may be better ways to learn.

4) Why do the schools and government not do much to provide basic financial literacy to kids?

When you get something for free, or it is subsidised, you are the product! The government pays for schooling and backs student loans for university. That means they have influence in what you are taught.

The government has the goal of creating a nation of employable people. It doesn’t have an interest in teaching people how to break out of their system. Consider your goals and make a choice that is right for you!

5) Are degrees overrated these days?

If you want to be a doctor or a lawyer, you will need a degree. But outside the professions, entrepreneurial employers are often less interested in degrees these days. I am an employer myself, and I look more at attitude and aptitude, then traditional qualifications!

So to answer the question ‘should I go to university or start a business?’ you need to consider a number of things. Do you need a degree for what you plan to do? Would you do better getting real world experience than spending years in a classroom? The answer will depend on you and what you want to do with your life!

Should I Go To University Or Start A Business? There Are Alternative Ways To Learn!

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