How To Start A Property Portfolio With No Money (£20k+ Per Month)

People often ask me about how to start a property portfolio with no money. What often helps is hearing the stories of people that have done it. In a recent video, Izabela Zyskowska, from Pride Property Investments, told her inspiring story of starting from nothing. She now has a portfolio of rent-to-rent properties and is pulling in £20,000+ per month.

I highly recommend watching the full video (above) to see how to start a property portfolio with no money for yourself! In this article, you will read a summary of Izabela’s incredible story of coming to the UK with very limited English; learning property skills from Samuel Leeds; and starting her rent-to-rent property empire.

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How To Start A Property Portfolio With No Money: Izabela’s Story

My name is Izabela Zyskowska. Originally, I'm from Poland. Currently, I live in Eastbourne. I came to the UK to work hard. My mum struggled as a single mum with four kids. There was a time when we had nothing to eat or the only meal we had was bread with butter and sugar. We didn't have a toilet. We didn't have running water. We didn't have heating. That was the environment we lived in.

When I came to the UK, it was hard as well because I didn't speak English at all. I learned one sentence: “I don't speak English,” and I used it on a daily basis. But I knew I needed to find a job and provide for my mum, for my sister, and I needed to help them to get to the UK and start to live normally.

I found a job as a cleaner, and I realized I'm good at it. So within two years, I had so many contracts and new customers that I opened a cleaning company. One of my customers told me, “If you really want to expand, you need to attend networking events.” She invited me to a Property Investors Network (pin) Meeting.

I sat in a corner next to the wall, and I was thinking, “I need to run away. How could people do any business with me if my language was so limited? How could I speak with them? They are entrepreneurs; I'm just a cleaner.”

I was sat in a corner, I was thinking, “What the hell am I doing in here?” Until I saw him. He came with huge energy, big smile, great attitude. He caught my attention straight away. He was talking about property and investment. Those were the only words I understood. But it didn't matter. I didn't concentrate on his words; I concentrated on his attitude and all his mannerisms.

That day, I promised myself, “If I learn English, I will find this man. I want to learn about his success. I want to follow his path.” I subscribed to his email box, and that was five or six years ago. And that speaker was Samuel Leeds!

Five years later, I expanded my cleaning business. I was quite confident with what I was doing. I was ready for new challenges. And accidentally, I saw Samuel on YouTube when he was talking about rent-to-rent. Quickly, I bought a ticket for £1. But I knew before I attended the £1 course, I wanted to buy all his courses and join the academy.

So I sent dozens of emails every day to: landlords; agents; and scrolled OpenRent. I was rejected 100 times. After three months, I had my first deal, a rent-to-SA. Two weeks later, I had my second deal, and I negotiated not to pay any deposit. Third deal, I negotiated two months free rent. Today, I've got 10 rent-to-serviced accommodation units. I manage a building of 19 flats. I have also sold 15 deals in total.

That was a summary of Izabela Zyskowska’s inspiring story. To see exactly how to start a property portfolio with no money, and hear her speech in full, please watch the video at the top of the page.

How To Start A Property Portfolio With No Money And Other Property Strategies

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