Tenant Discrimination and Greedy Landlords

Samuel Leeds

Tenant Discrimination and Greedy Landlords

Is it wrong to discriminate against tenants without a job? 

Well, in the instance of a Hmo, how can you have professional tenants and students’ relationship?

You've got to have a market.

I know landlords that only have templates because that's their market and the question is are they going to be told off?

I just think it's stupid to tell them off because you rent to whom you want and telling off the landlord is almost like ruining a free market. We have to have a free market as we’ve got to do business with people and this makes sense for us business owners.

Are business Owners getting more and more greedy?

I saw a really interesting interview where there was a guy who's a businessman and there was someone that was having to go in and say you know what, you're greedy because you don't pay your staff enough.

In my opinion, I think, when someone says that you don't pay your staff enough, I'm like so did they apply for the job and come for the interview, got the job and never got paid what they’d expected in the first place?

Did they not apply for other jobs?

They probably applied for lots of other jobs and when they took my offer, they saw it as the best offer with a good pay compared to the other applications they’d send to other companies.

To simplify this for you, when someone else offers them a better opportunity than mine, guess what, they’re going to take it and decline mine.

What I want as a business owner is securing the best deal and that’s the same reason my employees would accept my job offers and that's just called business in a free market.

A perfect example for this case is; When you book a plumber to come to your house and fix your toilet, do you call around a bit and get the best deal?

Do you not try and get the cheapest person to come and fix your toilet?

Why don't you use the most expensive person and what's the difference when i'm hiring staff?

I think this entire kind of mindset is unfortunately a sure sign of poverty in the mind and honestly, it stinks as I don't want to be around it.

I believe that the complaining about rich people and their staff will keep you poor forever

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