The Best Property Strategy Of 2024! Incredible £18k A Month

So what is the best property strategy of 2024? I visited a house that is owned by one of my students that was bought for £152k and is renting out for £12,000 a month – £18k on its best month! How exactly are they doing it? They are renting the rooms out to the council for emergency accommodation. This is an amazing strategy that can not only be insanely profitable, but also provides an important service to the wider community.

Emergency accommodation, which is offered by the council, is rented by the night much like a short-stay let. This means that, at high volume, it can bring in good cash-flow. I recently published a YouTube video touring my student’s property. If you watch the video (above) until the end, you will see exactly how this strategy works. You will also learn how you can take advantage of this awesome opportunity with your own properties.

In this article, I will explain what exactly emergency accommodation is, how it helps the community, and why it can be massively profitable. If you find the information in this article helpful, please consider sharing it on social media. The more people are made aware of the best property strategy of 2024, the better for them, and society at large.

The Best Property Strategy Of 2024: What Is Emergency Accommodation?

You might have seen it if you watch programmes like “Can't Pay, Take It Away.” The people who are evicted say, “I’ve got no home now. I'm homeless.” Then they go to the council, and the council say, “Don't worry, we got somewhere for you for a few days.” That’s emergency accommodation! It is somewhere temporary for people to stay when there is no other options available to them. In some cases, it is due to being evicted from a property, in others, it may be someone fleeing a dangerous situation.

Emergency accommodation is a type of social housing, but for short stays rather than as a permanent residence. This means it is often rented out by the night, rather than on a lease from the council or a housing association. People stay in emergency accommodation for a short period before being moved on to more long term forms of housing.

The Best Property Strategy Of 2024: How Emergency Accommodation Helps The Community

There are times when things go wrong in life. Sometimes that can mean not having anywhere to stay. This could be a family with children evicted from a property, or someone leaving a situation of domestic violence. This is why councils provide emergency accommodation. But it is impossible to know exactly how many beds might be needed on any given night. Therefore, it makes sense for councils to rent rooms, as and when they are needed, from private providers.

Offering your properties for this purpose is a positive and valuable thing to do for the community. My students didn’t even think of it as a money making venture at first, but when you provide value, you are rewarded!

The Best Property Strategy Of 2024: Why Emergency Accommodation Can Be So Profitable

You may be asking yourself, why can this be insanely profitable for landlords? Is the council getting ripped off? No! The reason it is so profitable is that the rooms are rented by the night, like a hotel. This allows the council the flexibility of renting rooms as they are needed, rather than maintaining properties that may not be needed every night.

This is a win-win-win, for the council, for the people needing the accommodation, and for the property owner. If you want to offer your property for use as emergency accommodation, you will need to approach your local authority. Although this may be the best property strategy of 2024, it helps to have some property training before giving it a go yourself. Luckily, we have some coming up…

The Best Property Strategy Of 2024 And Other Property Strategies

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