Millionaire Landlord VS Renter – Heated Debate on the UK Housing Crisis

I recently sat down with a renter to debate the UK housing crisis. As a multimillionaire property investor, I often hear criticisms of landlords by the media and some renters. It is understandable that many people feel like housing is becoming increasingly expensive and are looking for answers to the problem. However, I don’t agree that landlords are to blame. In fact, most landlords offer a high quality service at competitive market rates.

If you are interested in the issues surrounding the UK housing crisis, I highly recommend watching the full debate (above) until the end. In this article, I will give you a brief breakdown of the arguments on both sides of the debate. Please consider sharing this article on social media. We need to promote dialogue between landlords and tenants, so the more people that read this article the better!

The UK Housing Crisis: Samuel Leeds’ Thoughts

Here are some of the key points I made in this debate:

Eviction Difficulties:

– “It's too difficult to evict tenants who don't pay the rent; we need more support. A lot of landlords can't afford to have tenants that don't pay them any rent, and now, not only are they not making any money, but they're actually losing money because they still have to pay the mortgage.”

Role of the Free Market:

– “Landlords are able to charge whatever they want for any type of property. If you overcharge, and you say, ‘I know it's only worth a grand, but I want two grand,' guess what's going to happen? No one's going to buy it… If you've got a property, and the rent is worth a grand, and you go, ‘Actually, I'm going to put it on for two,' guess what's going to happen? You're going to have an empty house!”

Supply and Demand:

– “We have a massive shortage of houses, and every year we fail to build the amount of houses we need. I put a property on for rent; I have 27 applications. I get it, you say ‘housing is a right’. You have a right to shelter; you have a right to safe shelter. If it's a right, who's going to pay for it? If you're saying I should just have a right to live in a house, everything should just be free, who's going to pay?”

The UK Housing Crisis: The Renters’ Thoughts

Here are some of the key points the renter made in the debate:

Tenant Vulnerability:

– “It's like where they can be evicted at a moment's notice. Their rents can increase at a moment's notice, forcing them out of their area, forcing them to find new housing at the drop of a hat. I think it's all these horror stories that we've heard. They're frustrated that they're pouring thousands of pounds into this home that they reap no reward from.”

Rising Rents:

– “If they're paying £30,000 of rent a year, that money, if they had saved all of that up, they would have a house. You know, they could be able to buy a house.”

Tenant Rights:

– “I have the right to be able to live in my home and not fear eviction. I have the right not to have my rent increase so drastically every month or every year or whatever it is.”

Critique of Landlord Practices:

– “Landlords let tenants live in dangerous or hazardous conditions, and it's wrong. Have you ever seen those horror stories about people who change the shower heads to a nicer one or painted and then got their deposit taken away?”

Help Solve The UK Housing Crisis

I think the best way to solve the UK housing crisis is for the free market to provide more housing and choice. This means the more people that become property investors, the better it is for tenants.

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