Use this line when negotiating the price for a property

Samuel sat down with Eviction winner, Anthony Wilmot live at the Property Investors Crash Course. Samuel is so proud of Anthony because he loves seeing his students succeed and sharing the stage gave him an opportunity to explain his strategy. How did he buy 3 houses without putting any of his own money down? Find out by watching the video and taking notes.

Essentially, Anthony finds a property, buys it below market value because it needs fixing up and then refurbishes it with an exit strategy to refinance the property at a higher value. This means he can pull all of his money back out. It's so lucrative.

How does he find the properties? Anthony says it's all down to the training in Samuel's courses. You'll learn how to find the property gems that most people skim over. You'll be able calculate whether a deal is worth it and how much the refurb cost will be. Then you'll get in front of the agents, negotiate a price that works and you're on your way!

Samuel says there are only 3 figures you need to know when using the buy-refurb-refinance strategy:

1. what's the purchase price? A great line to use when asking an agent is “what's the lowest you'd accept but could still live with?”

2. Watch the video and find out!

3. Watch the video and find out!

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