What Does A Labour Government Mean For Landlords? 3 Powerful Reasons Why It Doesn’t Matter!

What Does A Labour Government Mean For Landlords?: Labour are getting in. They are confirmed to be the new government of the UK. The question is, is that good news? Is it bad news? How does it affect you? What are my thoughts on it? The answer is, to be honest, I'm pretty indifferent about it! I said that Labour were going to get in. I think everybody knew Labour were going to get in. I could do a breakdown of their manifesto, but ultimately, it doesn't matter!

Too many people rely on politicians or outside factors, rather than themselves. I have been successful under governments of various stripes, and I will continue to be successful under this Labour government! So what does a labour government mean for landlords? Probably a lot less than you might think! In this article, I will give you 3 reasons why Labours victory really doesn’t mean that much to you as a property investor!

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1. What Does A Labour Government Mean For Landlords?: There Isn’t Actually Much Difference Between The Parties!

In recent times, the two main political parties have been moving closer together. After Jeremy Corbyn on the Labour side and Boris Johnson, as well as Liz Truss, on the Conservative side, there has been a shift in politics. This could be described as a move to the centre, or as dull corporate-style management, depending on who you ask!

The reality of this shift, however, means the change in government will likely matter much less. Both Labour and Conservatives promised to end so-called ‘no-fault' evictions, for example. Although there are, of course, still differences between the parties, it doesn’t matter as much as it once would have. We can now expect business as usual, for better or for worse.

2. What Does A Labour Government Mean For Landlords? Politicians Don’t Keep Their Promises!

No matter what politicians claim, we all know they consistently fail to deliver. In some cases they may be outright lying, in others they simply lack the competence to do what they promise. If any business made that level of misleading claims, they would be taken to court! But the fact remains, you can’t rely on a politician's word.

Given that we all know this, it is amazing that we spend so much time analysing everything politicians say! This time would be better spent making sure our businesses and investments are profitable, no matter what the government does! Let’s all stop worrying so much about politics and grow our own skill sets instead!

3. What Does A Labour Government Mean For Landlords? Your Actions Determine Your Success, Don’t Wait For Politicians To Save You!

People with a poor mindset wait for politicians to save them. They say, ‘if only the government did this, I would be successful’. They wait and hope for their favourite politician to be in power. If they get their way, and their preferred candidate does get elected, they soon become angry that things haven’t changed for them. The reality is, you determine your own success!

I have been successful through a number of administrations, all with differing housing policies. While it is important to keep up with changes and adapt to them, there is always a way to win, no matter what the rules are. Focus on building the skills you need to be a winner, then you can do well regardless of who is in power!

What Does A Labour Government Mean For Landlords? You Matter, Not Them!

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