What School Doesn’t Teach You About Money! Cambridge Students Asked Basic Finance Questions! (3 Shocking Truths!)

What School Doesn't Teach You About Money: In a recent video, I was in Cambridge. I stood next to one of the most prestigious universities in the country, with some of the most intelligent people in the world. I stopped students in the street and asked them some basic questions around financial literacy, to see just how knowledgeable they really are! I asked them things like: what the current inheritance tax rate is; what the Bank of England base rate is; what is good debt, etc. Many were on economics or business related courses! How do you think they did? To find out, please watch the full video at the top of the page.

Many people find that when they leave school, they haven’t been taught anything about money. Even if they decide to study money at University, they still might not be taught basic practical things about it. This leaves much of the adult population clueless about how to manage their money and how to make more of it. In this article, I will explain what school doesn't teach you about money, why they don’t teach it and how you can learn it for yourself!

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1. What School Doesn't Teach You About Money: What Exactly Don’t They Teach You?

As you will see in the video, even students doing economics courses at Cambridge University struggle with really basic questions about money! This is not about having a PhD level understanding of macroeconomics, it is just understanding simple things that will help you keep and grow your money.

If you don’t understand the basics of inflation, for example, you may think that the purchasing power of your savings account is going up rather than down. If you don’t understand what good debt is, you could lose out on many opportunities to build wealth. These are just a few examples of what school doesn’t teach you about money and how it could affect you in the real world. But why don’t they teach you any of this…

2. What School Doesn't Teach You About Money: Why Don’t They Teach You About It?

While many teachers do their best to include financial education in the classroom, the system doesn’t leave a lot of space for it. Indeed, teachers are often not taught about money themselves. The education system prepares people to become workers for the rich, they are not taught how to use the system to their own advantage!

Rich politicians, and their super rich elite donors, have no interest in teaching people how to use money to become financially free. Their interest is simply in creating a workforce for their businesses. That’s why they don’t teach you about money. But how can you learn what school doesn’t teach you about money for yourself…

3. What School Doesn't Teach You About Money: How Can You Learn About Money On Your Own?

If school doesn’t teach you about money, how can you learn about it for yourself? The one Cambridge University student that got all the questions right was a subscriber of mine on YouTube. Therefore, following me is a good start! You can also read books on the topic and conduct your own research.

However, if you really want to learn what school doesn’t teach you about money, you will need some training. You need to get training from someone who has made millions of pounds themselves, not a broke teacher reading from a book. But how do you get training like that…

Learn What School Doesn't Teach You About Money

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