Who is Arnon Barnes?

Who is Arnon Barnes?

If you are wondering who is Arnon Barnes, you may have heard of him through his speaking work. The answer to the question ‘Who is Arnon Barnes?' doesn't provoke a simple answer because he's such a multi-faceted gentleman. He's a businessman who has built and sold companies successfully for many years. He recently met up with our property icon, Samuel Leeds who has been giving him some tips and advice regarding the UK property market. Arnon's first rendezvous with property was as a child when he would visit his father's property investments with his mother. His parents were soon divorced and he lost contact with his father at the age of 14. Arnon says people often go into business for their families but forget about them in the process. Everybody is a role model, you're either a role model of what to be or what not to be. Hopefully, you, the reader, will choose to be a positive light for the next generation.


Global Success

In this episode of Winners on a Wednesday, you are faced with an unusual concept. Arnon is already financially free but he qualifies to be on the video because he has recently become successful in real estate thanks to Samuel's advice. As a multi-millionaire with an interesting back-story, Arnon has become financially free in three different continents – quite an achievement. He started in South Africa, moved to Israel and finally went to the Netherlands. People love to make excuses about their location being an obstacle to their success. This simply isn't true in most cases. The strategies which Samuel brings to the table may derive from his UK experience and expertise but they can be applied almost anywhere. The principles of success are the same everywhere, but you may have to tweak a few tactics based on local knowledge.


The Warren Buffett Philosophy

One of the most fascinating things you'll learn about Arnon is that his success came from the 2008 global recession. Just prior to the collapse, he poured all his money into property and serviced accommodation. The tourism industry fell and the property prices plummeted. This meant his cash flow was diminished and the value of his investments was disastrously low. Most people would have given up, sold up and moved on. He decided to ride the wave, just like Warren Buffett did. History shows there will always be a recovery, you just have to stick it out long enough to benefit from it. He stuck it out, he saw it through and became financially free.

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