YouTube is about to BAN ME | My Strike

Samuel Leeds

YouTube is about to BAN ME | My Strike

Unfortunately, I have a message because what I do is teach financial freedom to people by showing them a way to become wealthy and not to rely on the system or the government.

However, YouTube has given me a strike and I’ve been banned from posting on the platform as I remember predicting this for the last one year.

This has been happening for the last year and the reason for this article is just to inform my readers what's going on because it's looking very likely that in the next, I don't know exactly for how long but very soon, I’m suddenly going to be able to stop uploading any videos.

I’ve had a strike on YouTube before and now they've just given me another strike and listen, I’ve got my own personal views on why this is happening and I guess that doesn't matter as you can make up your own mind and do your own research by using your own critical thinking.

The real reason for this article is just to tell my readers that if I disappear off YouTube all of a sudden, it's not that I’m not speaking, I am speaking it's just that I’m being silenced.

I am appealing the decision because I think that it's crazy since the media has tried to destroy my business and my reputation since back in January of this year for about six months.

The media was really trying to get at me and they were trying to destroy my credibility as they were saying that my techniques of property investment don't work.

They were also saying that I am not really a multi-millionaire and my students are not really successful.

I fought them back and as you know, the BBC retracted their comments but I didn't quite get an apology out of them.

The sun newspaper printed a very long lie about me about the whole Lord Sugar thing of which I responded with evidence and then they just amended the story and so, I had a lot of challenges with the media and it really felt like it was coming from a dark place because all I was doing was providing everything I’ve learned over the years to other people that I want to succeed.

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I am a multi-millionaire that started from nothing and every week, I have a successful student on my channel as I really proved with hard evidence and facts while none of the journalists would come and interview me or debate with me and what they wanted to do is to just look at all of my video footage, come to my events and take little bits out of context and finally write a story with a false headline.

I think that most people would have probably quit at that point if they were me but I continued putting out content and doing what I’m doing which is teaching people while selling out large rooms and that's not taking a salary from my training company or no weird agenda on my end as I’m very transparent.

However, I predicted that this would happen as they're finding other petty reasons that have got nothing to do with me and nothing to do with property or financial freedom to pin on me.

They're trying to get my channel de-activated in other ways because when I did an interview with Grant Cardone, we spoke about the global crisis and the economic agenda and funny enough, the video was taken down.

I also did a financial video with Robert Kyosaki as it was about how we can be independent financially but was also taken down.

Finally, I did do a video with my dad who went to brazil as he said the reason he was moving to brazil was because of some of the things and the restrictions that were happening and I interviewed him about that as he shared his opinions and that video got removed off YouTube as well.

I have to be really careful of what I write even in this article and maybe I’ve even said too much and I don't know because if you saw the video that I did with Grant Cardone, there was nothing serious during the interview and there were no conspiracy theories as it was just an interview about wealth and the redistribution of wealth as to how the rich are going to get richer and the poor are going to get poorer.

I’m a working class guy that grew up with nothing but studied the rich people as I rubbed shoulders with business people and copied what they did and learned the formulas as it worked and now I’m a living proof of that.

I teach the same formulas and that's why 90 of my students are overwhelmingly happy and recommend their friends to do the same training and that's why every single week, I have students queueing up to come on my channel to share their story of how my formulas that I learned have changed their financial life.

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