Millionaire ‘Chainsaw Landlord’ VS Journalist Debate – The Shocking Truth

Following the recent media coverage of my ‘chainsaw landlord’ stunt, where I produce a video purporting to show me evicting a short-stay let guest, I have had some criticism from the media. One such critic is Curtis Daly from Turn Left Media. Curtis is a socialist who wants to incrementally get rid of landlords. He thinks landlords are a leech on society and that there are better ways to provide housing to people. I think that landlords are a necessary part of the economy, and wherever socialism has been tried there have been horrific results for all concerned.

In the video (above) you can see both sides of the argument and make up your own mind. I highly recommend watching the full video until the end to gain a full understanding of the issues involved.

In this article, I will give you the key points from the debate and quotes from both sides. Please consider sharing this article on social media. The chainsaw landlord stunt got people talking. Therefore, now is a great time to continue the conversation!

‘Chainsaw Landlord’ Samuel Leeds Thoughts:

Housing as a Service:

“Surely, providing housing is a service. It's a service that people need. And if I provide a property, maintain it, and offer it as a place for someone to live, isn't that a valuable service to society?”

Fair Exchange for Service:

“…but it's about providing a necessary service. And in return for that service, I receive rent. It's a fair exchange, just like any other business transaction, where you offer a product or service and get paid for it.”

Costs and Responsibilities:

“…but housing also involves significant financial responsibilities and risks for landlords. It's not just about making a profit; it's about covering costs and ensuring the property is well-maintained.”

Housing Market Improvements:

“I agree that there are flaws in the system, but it's essential to strike a balance. The housing market provides a vital service, and there needs to be a fair exchange for the costs and risks landlords take on.”

System Collaboration:

“…The housing market provides a vital service, and there needs to be a fair exchange for the costs and risks landlords take on. We should work towards improving the system, addressing issues like affordable housing…”

Socialist Curtis Daly Thoughts:

Rich People Perception:

“I would say the majority of people in this country don't hate rich people. In fact, I think we have a bit of an obsession with rich people that we seem to think that they're geniuses…”

Landlords' Economic Power:

“…but the difference is that housing is not just a business commodity; it's a basic human need. When you have an essential need like housing tied to profit, it creates an inherent power imbalance.”

Landlords' Social Utility:

“The point is why are landlords entitled to someone else's income, when really in society being a landlord doesn't add any social utility. It doesn't provide to society…”

Landlords as Leeches:

“…this is not a personal attack, this is just a descriptor of the economic situation.”

Rent as Exploitation:

“…but the difference is that when profit becomes tied to basic needs like housing, it can lead to exploitation. The housing market, as it stands, puts profit above people.”

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