The TRUTH About The Samuel Leeds Chainsaw Eviction – 3 Reasons I’m In The RIGHT!

The Samuel Leeds Chainsaw Eviction

The media are going wild about how I evicted a “tenant” using a chainsaw! I spoke to GB News about the ‘Samuel Leeds chainsaw eviction’ and The Daily Star, The Mirror plus many other outlets are talking about it as well. As expected, the fake news media have misrepresented the incident as part of their wider anti-landlord agenda. Here is the truth about exactly what happened and why it was perfectly legal!

Here are the facts:

  • I lawfully regained access to my property.
  • No one was inside at the time.
  • The person that was preventing me from gaining access was not a tenant, but a guest who had booked the property as a short stay let.
  • I explained I couldn’t use my key, as the guest had put a key in the door to prevent entry.
  • It was actually all a stunt to expose the media, and it worked!


In this article, I will explain why this was entirely legal; how the mainstream media are misleading their readers; and how my actions were absolutely appropriate.

1. Why The Samuel Leeds Chainsaw Eviction Was Legal

Many people may not be aware that there is a big difference in law between a guest in your property and a tenant. A tenant has certain rights in law, and you cannot simply remove them from the property if they stop paying. By law, you must go through the correct legal procedure and as any landlord knows this can be extremely laborious. But a guest in a short stay let is not a tenant. They are more like a hotel guest. If you don’t pay your hotel bill, you can’t stay at the hotel. It is that simple!

Section 3 (7) of the Protection From Eviction Act 1977 specifically excludes holiday lets from requiring a court order to regain possession at the end of a stay. A holiday let isn’t a guests’ home. There is no reason why the guest should be allowed to remain for longer than they have paid for!

2. The Samuel Leeds Chainsaw Eviction Was Misrepresented By The Media

The media has a bias against landlords and is always trying to represent us in a bad light. They will use deceptive tricks and mislead their audience to further this agenda. This story is a great example of that. Despite me making it clear that I was removing a guest from the property, not a tenant, many outlets ran with ‘tenant’ in the headline. Some outlets talked about the fact it was a guest in the body of the article, but they know most people only read the headline. This is how the media control and manipulate the public.

The media is owned by people that would prefer to see the end of individual landlords. They would much prefer to see property owned by massive corporations. This forms part of the World Economic ForumsGreat Reset agenda for ordinary people to ‘own nothing and be happy’. It has nothing to do with tenants’, or guests’, rights. It is an agenda for the powerful elites, by the powerful elites.

3. The Samuel Leeds Chainsaw Eviction Was Appropriate

If someone shoplifts food from a massive corporation, the police come and arrest them. Everyone agrees that they should be punished. When someone steals from a landlord, the landlord is considered the bad guy for wanting their property back! Why is it publicly acceptable to steal from landlords and no one else? The reality is that if someone is stealing from you, the least you should be entitled to is your property returned! As landlords, we need to change the narrative and ensure stealing from us is perceived identically to stealing from anyone else! Do not accept the media’s framing, we need to make clear stealing from us is unacceptable.

The government has enacted legislation and regulation that makes it harder for landlords to operate. The media attacks landlords and misleads their audience about us at every opportunity. All while banks like Lloyds buy up property with the aim of becoming the UK’s biggest private landlord. They don’t want you owning property, they want to own it. Don’t fool for their agenda!

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