How To Be In The Top 1 Percent – Powerful 10 Step Guide

I recently published a guide on how to be in the top 1 percent on my YouTube channel. Being in the top 1% of income earners in the UK isn’t actually that hard, you just need to earn £173,952 a year pre-tax income. That isn’t particularly rich, and I would therefore advise setting your sights on the 0.1% goal.

In this article, I will give you 10 steps on how to be in the top 1 percent, or even the top 0.1%! I highly recommend watching the full video (above), alongside reading this article, to get a full understanding of how to best take action. Please help spread financial education by sharing this article on social media.

1. How To Be In The Top 1 Percent: Study the Elite

How I got rich and got into the top 1% was by studying the detail and the similarities between the people that are in the top 1%. When I studied the way rich people are, the way they think, the way they behave, their habits, and then just copied and emulated that, that's how I got rich as well.

2. Emulate Success

I just learned how to roll with it. Emulating the mindset and behaviours of successful individuals paved my way to the top 1%. I've been a millionaire since the age of 25, and I'm now 32 years old, a multi-millionaire.

3. Victory Over Victimhood

Never ever ever be a victim! Victim mentality is something that not just causes people to be broke but keeps people broke. If you're thinking, ‘Oh man, it's not my fault,' that attitude causes a hindrance to success.

4. Sales Mastery

The top 0.1% of wealthy people that make massive amounts of money have one thing in common… they know how to sell. They know how to sell their products, sell their services. You can't name me one person who's a billionaire who's not great at sales!

5. Build a Support Network

Super successful people never try and do it alone. They get in groups, they find networks, mentors, they get around support groups. I looked at Arnold Schwarzenegger; he was desperately wanting to get to America because he felt the environment and his support network would be better. He did, he found his network, and he got rich!

6. Reinvest Profits

Invest all of your profits, all of your money, back into your business. I make a lot of money, but do you know what I do with most of the money? I reinvest it back into my business, back into my brand. This is the growth mindset that the top 0.1% have.

7. Invest in Assets

They invest in assets that cannot be taken away from them, that produce cash flow and capital appreciation. Rich people invest their money into things that cannot be taken away from them. I personally think that property is the best asset to buy.

8. Tax Strategies

To protect their profits from being taxed on paper, they need to not make any profits. Some of the biggest companies in the world deliberately don't make profits to avoid paying taxes in very clever ways. The top 0.1% understand that to protect their profits from tax, they need to have as little profit as they can on paper.

9. Indifference To Likeability

The top 0.1% don't care about being liked. They have no interest in being liked. I've noticed that normal people, they all want to be liked. Rich people don't care; they don't give a monkey's!

10. Risk-Taking

Rich people take risks. They're not so risk-averse. They'll take risks; they'll be bold; they'll be courageous. Elon Musk just invested 43 billion pounds into buying Twitter. That's a risk. Rich people will say, ‘What if it does work?' rather than ‘What if it doesn’t?’

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