3 Powerful Reasons To Invest In Real Estate In Ghana

In a recent YouTube video, I visited Accra in West Africa to talk about how to invest in real estate in Ghana. A couple of years ago, I posted about a building site and said that I was going to invest millions of Ghana Cedi in it. There were a lot of people saying ‘oh I don't think it's going to get finished’ ‘I don't think you're going to make profit’ but guess what? It's finished, and the market is booming!

In the video (above) I give you a tour of the development, explain the figures, and talk about what my plans are moving forward. I highly recommend watching the full video until the end if you want a complete understanding of this deal.

While much of my property investments are in the UK, I think it is important also to diversify. Ghana is a great place with endless opportunities for overseas investors. In this article, I will give you 3 reasons to invest in real estate in Ghana.

1. Overseas Buyers Can Invest In Real Estate In Ghana Directly

In many countries there are restrictions on overseas investors. In some places, non-residents can’t buy land or can only buy certain types of land. In other places, you can only buy apartments but not the land it stands on. In still other parts of the world, you need a local company or bank to hold the property on your behalf. Not only does this make it difficult for you as an overseas investor, it limits the economic growth of the country.

Ghana, on the other hand, is very welcoming to overseas investment. It is easy to own property and land as a non-resident. This makes it an attractive place to benefit from the growth and development of Africa. If you are an investor from the UK or elsewhere, you will be welcomed with open arms in Ghana. So that is the first reason to invest in real estate in Ghana.

2. Great Location For Business And Trade From The UK

People often think of Africa as a far away and inaccessible place. The perception is often that it can be hard to travel to and do business with. Investors from the UK, and the West more generally, often ignore African nations when they are considering where to put their money. This means there are a lot of opportunities open for savvy investors willing to look beyond the stereotypes.

Ghana is only 6 hours from the UK on a direct flight. It is also in the same time zone as the UK, which is great for business! If you haven’t been to Ghana before it is worth taking a short trip there to see the opportunities for yourself!

3. Africa Is Growing

Africa is developing fast. In many parts of the continent, there is a growing middle class with money to spend. Africa’s population is also growing, with numbers predicted to reach almost 2.5 billion by 2050! As both standards of living and population grows, high quality, affordable housing will become increasingly valuable.

Ghana, with its openness to outside capital, is an excellent starting point for investment in the African real estate market. If you are considering expanding your property portfolio internationally, I highly recommend considering Ghana as part of that plan!

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