Is Overseas Property A Good Investment? 3 Incredible Reasons To Invest!

Is overseas property a good investment? In a recent YouTube video, I spoke with Gus, a property investor in Accra, Ghana. We spoke about the state of the market in Ghana and how overseas investors can access real estate opportunities in the country.

We also spoke about how Ghana is mostly a cash-buyers market due to the high interest rates on mortgages, but also how you can use payment plans with new build properties. The market is currently down in Ghana, meaning it is a buyer’s market and a good time to find deals. For more information, please watch the video at the top of the page.

Investing overseas can be challenging, but there are also many benefits to this type of diversification. But is overseas property a good investment overall? Well, it depends on where you are looking to invest and your local knowledge, but I would say the answer is a resounding ‘yes’! In this article, I will give you 3 reasons to consider extending your real estate portfolio overseas.

1. Is Overseas Property A Good Investment? Diversification

The property market goes through cycles. Sometimes the market is up, sometimes it’s down. But this happens at different times in different locations. When one part of the UK is experiencing growth, another is cooling off. This is even more true in regard to overseas markets. The property market in places like Africa is often completely uncorrelated with UK house prices. Buying abroad allows you to benefit from these differences and stabilise returns across your portfolio.

Another reason overseas property is a good diversification option, is diversification of the political system you are under. As the World Economic Forum’s agenda of making sure ordinary people ‘own nothing’ advances, it is important not to have all your assets controlled by any one government. Investing abroad, particularly outside the western world (where the WEF has a lot of influence), will act as a strategic form of wealth protection in years to come.

2. Is Overseas Property A Good Investment? Opportunity

Just like you can often get better cash-flow in the UK if you are willing to look further north, you can also get better returns if you are willing to look outside the country. There are many underdeveloped, but up and coming, parts of the world that are open to overseas investment. If you are willing to put in the time to research, you could find opportunities that are simply not available in the UK.

As with areas in the UK, it is not about where a country is now, but rather its trajectory. Is investment moving in? Is infrastructure being built? Is government or local authority policy favourable to investors? If things have been bad in the past, but they are beginning to turn around, it could be the perfect time to invest. You will need to travel and speak to local experts in areas of interest, to establish these facts for yourself.

3. Is Overseas Property A Good Investment? Impact

Last, but by no means least, is impact. While some people feel that investing in underdeveloped parts of the world is somehow taking advantage, the reality is these places need the investment the most. Without outside capital, it is often hard for nations to grow and strengthen. You can make an impact with your investments, while making a healthy return at the same time. That is the magic of capitalism!

So is overseas property a good investment? Yes, but not only for you, but for the country you invest in too!

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