What Is The WEF Agenda For Property Investment? 3 Tips To Stop Them Seizing Your Houses!

What is the WEF agenda for property investment? The World Economic Forum infamously said that by the year of 2030 we will own nothing and be happy. Meanwhile, they will own everything and be even happier! A lot of people said, “Well, actually, no. I'm buying houses.” I was one of these people. We said, “The government cannot take these houses off us.” Well, we realized we were wrong. The government actually can take your houses off you.

They don’t necessarily need to throw you in prison and seize all your assets. The most common way that the government is stripping people of their properties is by forcing them to sell. How? By taxing the living daylights out of them! Even if you are not making any profit at all as a landlord, you still have to pay a lot of money just to own the properties. This absolutely sucks!

In the video above, I explain the WEF agenda in detail and show you how to avoid a number of tax traps set by the powers that be. In this article, I will give you 3 legal ways to avoid taxes.

I am not an accountant or a lawyer, and this is not professional advice. I am merely talking about my experience as a businessman and property investor. Get individual professional advice before taking action.

What Is The WEF Agenda For Property Investment: Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty tax is unavoidable if you're just buying a house and renting it out. However, there are ways that you can limit your Stamp Duty tax and potentially bring it down to zero. If you're buying a property that is uninhabitable, then you are exempt from Stamp Duty tax.

Now, if you're buying something really, really, really massive, there is, after a certain point, a bit of Stamp Duty tax. Up to the first £150,000, you'll pay literally zero Stamp Duty tax at all. And then £100,000 after that, you'll pay just 2%.

What Is The WEF Agenda For Property Investment: Section 24

Section 24 says that mortgage payments are no longer tax-deductible. If you're renting the property out for £1k and your mortgage payments are £1k, you're making nothing, but you're still paying tax!

How do you get around this? If you buy a property through a company instead of as an individual, you don't own the property. It's not your property. It's not Samuel Leeds' property. It's Samuel Leeds Limited's property.

Now, you can offset your mortgage payments 100% as tax-deductible. That's huge! You can set up a company tomorrow and buy a house through it.

Okay, here's how you're going to structure it. Again, speak to your accountant, but from my experience, you're going to pay yourself a salary of £12,750. Why so specific? Because that's the amount that you can take out as a salary tax-free from a company. Anything on top of that, you're going to take out as a dividend. Up to, I think about 40k, the tax on the dividend is only about 8.75% for basic rate taxpayers!

What Is The WEF Agenda For Property Investment: Capital Gains

If you really want the money from the value of the property, you might think, “I'm forced to have to sell it.” But what you can do instead is refinance it. This is how rich people use debt as their friend. If you sell it, soon as you sell it, that money you make is seen by the law of the land as profit, and you have to pay tax on profit.

Instead of selling the property, what you can do is you can get a loan against the equity. Now, this is no longer profit. Now, this is debt. They can't tax you on debt. They're not going to change the rules on this either because this is what all the super-rich do, and the super-rich are in control!

What Is The WEF Agenda For Property Investment? They Don’t Want You To Own Property!

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