Top 7 Pressure Selling Techniques To Avoid

I love sales. I'm a business person. I like making money. I enjoy selling. I teach people how to sell. But in a recent video for my YouTube channel, I explain how to sell passionately without using pressure sales techniques. Pressure selling is not good, for a start, you're going to have a lot of problems with disappointed customers. Also, you're going to have a lot of refund requests. So even if you're selling using these techniques, it will be very, very, very short-lived.

In the video (above), I give you 7 ways you might be using pressure selling techniques so that you can avoid doing them. If you want to be an ethical and profitable sales person, I highly recommend watching the full video (above) until the end. In this article, I will give you a summary of the 7 pressure selling methods so you know exactly what you need to avoid.

1. Pressure Selling: Harassing people

Don't harass people. Don't blow up people's phones. I have a rule, even with my own wife, which is that we don't call each other more than twice. I might call her, she doesn't answer, fine. If I call her again, and she doesn't answer, that's it. Because if you get three missed calls from somebody, that's a bit weird. People that are just badgering people constantly, “buy my stuff, buy my stuff”, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, it's really not cool!

2. Pressure Selling: Lying

So if you're a deal seller, for example, don't say the house is worth 300 grand unless it really is worth 300 grand. You can get people to buy your products and services without having to try and exaggerate. If you exaggerate, you have a 100% chance of that person now being dissatisfied because in business, expectations are everything. If anything, you want to do it the other way around, i.e. under promise, over deliver!

3. Pressure Selling: Time-Limited Offers

There's nothing wrong with putting a timescale on an offer, but there is something wrong with putting a fake timescale on an offer. Let me give you an example. If you say to an investor that you're trying to sell a deal to, “Oh, I've got another investor interested, so you need to let me know right now,” and that's not true, then that is not ethical. Don't do that. Tell the truth at all times in your sales pitch.

4. Pressure Selling: Fake Discounts

There's nothing wrong with discounting your products or services. I do special offers all the time. But don’t lie about discounts. Saying “Oh, normally it's five grand, but I'll do it for you for three,” but actually it's never five grand, that's unethical. If you are discounting a product, discount it from a price you actually sell it for.

5. Pressure Selling: Bad Service

A pressure salesperson will focus solely on getting the sale, and they won't care about the quality of the product or service. Whereas an ethical salesperson will sell your product or service and then once the exchange is done, they'll then value your business, look after you and deliver. Make sure that when you sell, you then deliver. You must have the same passion about delivering as you do about sales.

6. Pressure Selling: Not Accepting No For An Answer

Pressure salespeople don't accept no for an answer. This is horrible. You know, when people try to stop you in the street and sell you insurance or something, and you're like, ‘Yeah, I'm good. I'm already covered.' And then they just continue, ‘Oh, who are you with? Oh, well, if I can beat the price.' And they just keep going. This isn’t good sales.

7. Pressure Selling: Selling Cold

Avoid cold selling. It's good to be passionate, but don't hound people if they're not interested. Be a farmer, not a hunter. A farmer is someone that sows seeds and then the crops grow. You're giving value. You're listening. You're spending time with people. You're giving a good service. And then at the right time, you sell. Don't always be closing. Don't be a hunter.

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