What is the Samuel Leeds Academy? (£11,995 Investment) *Great Value*

I get a lot of questions about the Samuel Leeds Academy. People want to know: what it exactly is; if it is worth the investment; what kind of training and support members get; and what the benefits of membership actually are. In the above video, I give you a sneak-peak inside the Samuel Leeds Academy portal and reveal exactly what this awesome training package entails! If you have ever considered joining the Academy, or are just curious about it, I highly recommend watching the full video until the end.

The Samuel Leeds Academy is a massive programme that holds you by the hand through your property journey. If you take the time to watch the video, you will be in no doubt about the excellent value for money it offers. In this article, I will go through a few of the key benefits of joining the Samuel Leeds Academy and how joining can help you succeed in property.

1. Samuel Leeds Academy: Mentorship

On the academy, you have unlimited mentoring. What does this mean? This means that you can book a mentoring call whenever you want, as often as you want, whenever you need it, regardless of your reason. You simply need to book a 15-minute call, and there are often spots open with a mentor the next day! No matter your question, big or small, you are always welcome to book a call!

2. Samuel Leeds Academy: Masterminds

Currently, every single day of the week, Monday to Friday, we have a Zoom Mastermind session of some form. This includes Masterminds with me, power team members such as solicitors and accountants, breakout sessions covering specific topics and more. That alone, in my opinion, is worth the investment for the academy!

3. Samuel Leeds Academy: Networking And Brand Building

Once you start making some money, it's time to build your brand! If you are consistently making an income from property, you can apply to come on Winners On A Wednesday direct from the Samuel Leeds Academy app!

Also, there is Spotlight Speaker. If you want to come and speak at one of our events with hundreds of people, over a dinner, just let us know. Apply for Spotlight Speaker as part of your Samuel Leeds Academy membership, we'll be in touch, we'll schedule a date!

Where else can you have the opportunity to not only become wealthy and grow your brand, and get supported and mentored, but also become a spotlight speaker? It's just incredible!

4. Samuel Leeds Academy: Tools And Resources

There is an abundance of tools and resources for property investors including contracts, checklists, and templates within the Samuel Leeds Academy.

One example is Rate My Deal. Rate My Deal allows you to have your property deal rated. It could be a BRRR, it could be an HMO, it could be a lease option, it could be a rent-to-rent – it doesn’t matter.

Here’s how it works. You click Rate My Deal, and then you'll be asked to fill a form out. You will be asked: your name; your details; to answer questions about the property; have you viewed it; what type of deal is it, etc. What we will do is manually look at your deal, review it, and then we will give you feedback, and we'll tell you how good the deal is. We'll rate it between one and 100.

5. How To Join The Samuel Leeds Academy

While the above information is correct at the time of publication, the Academy and my training is always updating and changing. If you are thinking about joining the Academy, the best thing to do is book a call with one of my training advisors. They will see if you are a good fit for the Academy or if we can help you in another way. You will also be told about what the Academy offers currently. You can book a free call here. There is no obligation to invest in any training, so please do book a call to discuss your options.

Not Ready For Samuel Leeds Academy Yet?

Not quite ready for the Samuel Leeds Academy just yet? Join me at my next £1 training event!

On the course, you will learn how to:

  • Become a property investor using other people’s money so that you can get started straight away

  • Utilise the 5 different types of raised finance so that you know exactly what to offer and when

  • Find the perfect properties for the BRR strategy

  • Recycle your money so that you can ‘rinse and repeat’

  • Build a power team you can trust, so that you can save time and money

  • And much more!

Tickets are only £1, and you can get yours here. If you are ready to take action, I hope to see you very soon!

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