What Should We Do, Flats or HMO? | Amanda Leeds

Today we see Amanda Leeds on location at a property in Doncaster, and she has bought her Property Entrepreneur husband Samuel Leeds along for the ride. This property was actually found by Samuel on his financial freedom challenge while he was using the alias Lucas Ruby. After the challenge Samuel decided to purchase the property using the deal set up by Lucas Ruby. The property is a spacious three bedroom house that was bought by the previous owners in 2016 for 95k. The previous owners refurbished the property and hoped to match some of the other sales on the road for around £120k, however this was not to be, and the property was bought by Samuel for £94k. The property power couple have a few options in mind for the property and are torn between using the house as a HMO (house of multiple occupancy) or converting the property into two separate apartments.

  At the time of filming Samuel is keen to use the property as a HMO (House of multiple occupancy). This is because the new article four law is set to come into place in October this year. This article four will mean the purpose of a house can not be changed without applying for and receiving planning permission. However any property already being used as a HMO before the new article four is introduced will be granted grandfather rights and can continue as before. This in itself will boost the value of the property, but will also enable Amanda to be able to charge more for her rooms as the demand will be higher for HMO properties in the area. Amanda has done her research and knows that there are lots of future investments and developments planned for Doncaster this makes the area a great place in which to own property.

With the future development of Doncaster in mind Amanda is leaning more towards splitting the property into two separate apartments. She likes the idea of two separate self contained living quarters and also the fact that they will be getting two properties for the price of one.


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