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It's Q&A Sunday again which means your questions are getting answered! If you want to get a property mentor then you are in the right place. Samuel Leeds is our property pioneer and you can ask him anything! Don't worry about searching ‘how to get a property mentor', you've got one right here. Got a question? Simply put it in the comment section below the video and hopefully you'll be selected next week. Want more than that? Go to one of our Crash Courses and sign up for advanced training so you can get one-to-one time with Samuel.

In this episode, Samuel talks about his predictions for the property market. What do you think will happen in the next 12 months? It all depends on whereabouts you are located. Birmingham and Manchester are currently experiencing soaring property prices. In London, there has been a period of stagnation and a slight dip. In Liverpool, property prices are picking up pace.

Another question in this video is about lease option agreements. Are lease option agreements possible in London? Of course. They are ‘possible' wherever it is legal. In Scotland, you can't do it, for example. It's not all about the capital though. Some of you guys are based in other parts of the country. By watching this video, you'll find out where the Crash Course is coming to in the north.

Perhaps the most interesting discussion in this episode is about the future. Specifically, you'll discover what Samuel's plans are for the next decade or so. Will he carry on investing? Will he retire and take the rest of his life off? One of the many luxuries you can acquire from property investment is freedom of choice. You are in control of what happens in your life. How will you spend your extra time when you're successful?


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