THE BEST WAY TO MAKE £100K IN 28 DAYS?! | Samuel Leeds

The best way to make £100k in 28 days.


 Samuel Leeds makes a guest appearance on the youtube channel of Ed Smith, CEO of Champion Consultancy. They get right into it and Ed asks Samuel how he would go about making £100k in 28 days.

Samuel has a love of challenges which he has shown on many occasions through his financial freedom challenges. He states he would approach this task in the same manner. 

The rules of this challenge mean Samuel has no reputation and no following. It goes without saying that Samuel chooses to use property as his vehicle to manufacture this success.

Firstly because of the time pressure Samuel would head straight to an upmarket, high-end area of the capital, London. Here he would scout out and look for large commercial properties with price tags in the millions and set up meetings in which he could negotiate a heavily discounted price. He would then begin networking with high net worth individuals and companies who are looking to invest in property. Once finding an interested buyer Samuel would make the match and take a broker fee of £100k. 

Making this successful will require creativity and the ability to make value, both qualities that Samuel possess. 

In summary, the two key concepts, and marrying them both together in order to achieve success are as follows:

  1. Whether or not Samuel is able to find a good enough deal.
  2. Whether or not he could find a buyer.  


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