WARNING: Economy Reset 2022

I told you about the  Guardian newspaper Great Reset last week. We have a king and prime minister both with links to the World Economic Forum (WEF). Now I am being targeted by the Guardian newspaper who are owned by a fund with links to the WEF. The attack piece is about the fact that I have sued people that have harassed me and my family online. The Guardian ironically want to make it seem like I am censoring people by preventing people from defaming and harassing me. In reality, it is their globalist mates that are actively censoring their opposition!

Please watch the full video (above) to find out exactly what happened and hear my response. Those that challenge the globalist elites are always targeted with black public relations. In this article, I will explain the 3 steps in a black PR campaign. Once you know how it works, you can prevent it from effecting you. Know your enemies.

1. Personalise the target.

If you are the globalist elites, you have a lot of people and groups criticising you. You can’t go for them all at once, so you need to target each one individually. You find a target and you label them. It doesn’t matter what that label is: ‘conspiracy theorist’, ‘scammer’, ‘misogynist’, etc. Once you have picked a label, you use your friends in the mainstream media to push that narrative.

You can then use ‘authoritative sources’ that you control to back up your claims and push out of context clips and quotes. Most people won’t look into the issue too deeply and the mud will stick. Once you have torn down the person's public reputation, it is time to move on to step two.

2. Isolate the target.

Once you have successfully labelled someone, it is time to target anyone associated with them. This means anyone they speak to or who provides services to them. The aim here is to get these people to denounce the target and to cut services from them. This is to totally isolate the target.

If someone denounces or removes services from the target, they will be left alone for now. They will temporarily leave them alone, even if the person denouncing the target is doing the same or worse than what they are accusing the target of. On the other hand, those that don’t denounce the target will become secondary targets. This incentivises people and companies to denounce the target.

3. Destroy. Rinse and repeat.

Once the target has been denounced by their associates and is no longer provided services by other companies, that target is destroyed. Now they turn their attention to the associates that they allowed to escape (because they denounced the target). They are still their enemy and one of them needs to be selected as the target next. They pick a new target and start again from step one.

We must resist this type of targeting. If you see someone being targeted with a black PR campaign, show that person your support. Don’t be intimidated into denouncing them. Remember, even if you denounce someone, the elites will get to you in the end. The best strategy is to stick together. Together we will win.

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