Financially Free By Fifty! | Winners on a Wednesday #44

David Lau has been on a mission to achieve financially freedom through property. At age 49 this is next milestone he is chasing before turning 50. Currently, he is well on his to achieving this goal of his.

So who better to sit down with than Samuel Leeds for episode #44 of our Winners on a Wednesday series. David currently has a portfolio of 11 houses all based in the area of Liverpool. He has been able to build up the number of houses he currently owns. By purchasing them at a low price refurbishing and pulling out all his money out through refinancing.

An example of this has seen him purchase a house for £35,000 spending £15,000 on the refurbishment while getting it refinanced at £65,000. This then allowed David to use the money pulled out to invest in other properties.

David was able to utilize the various property strategies by watching Samuel’s YouTube videos, reading his books and attending the free property investor’s crash course. Being an investor is something that doesn’t happen overnight. You must first be educated in what you are doing this will help cut down the number of errors you can  make.

David has learned from past mistakes which have centered on using the poor builders who were tasked with refurbishing his properties. He has encountered many builders who either didn’t show or don’t complete the work they have been assigned to.

After joining the property investors academy David became exposed to a whole new network of people. They we're able to point him in the right direction using the correct builders that were reliable and came with a good reputation.

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