Buy, Refurbish, Refinance Masterclass - Live

One-day intensive Training Programme – However right now you also get included for free the following

  • Buy, Refurbish, Refinance Masterclass Online – Four-week programme (RRP £995)
  • Step-by-step manual and contract pack (RRP £500)

Buy, Refurbish, Refinance is a very profitable property strategy. 

Simply put it's a 3 step process.

  1. Buying a property, usually in disrepair and below market value. 
  2. Refurbishing the property and bringing it up to the true market value.
  3. Refinancing the property at its true value which should allow you to pull out most, if not all your initial investment.

When you’ve mastered the BRR strategy you can buy properties without tying up any money.


  1. What is BRRR?
  2. The 3 Magic Figures
  3. You are a Cash Buyer
  4. Massive Action VS Careful Due Diligence
  5. Selecting your area
  6. Verifying the Area
  7. Average Salaries
  8. Average House Prices
  9. Universities & Hospitals
  10. Employment
  11. Tourism
  12. Property Market Information
  13. Economic & Development Plans
  14. Crime Rates
  15. Case Studies
  16. Power Of Estate Agents
  17. Identify Online Deals
  18. Search The Streets
  19. Land Registry and Direct Flyers
  20. Buying From Sourcers
  21. Networking
  22. Buying from Auction
  23. Fill Your Pipeline
  24. 7 essentials For BRRR
  25. Raising Finance
  26. Access To My Power Team
  27. Eliminating Excuses
  28. Preparing Your Documents
  29. Risks of Auction
  30. The Rewards of Auction
  31. Never Buy Blind
  32. Due Diligence Time
  33. Legal Packs
  34. Independent Building Survey
  35. Viewing With A Builder
  36. Preparing Your Finances
  37. Set Your Limit
  38. Guide Price vs Reserve Price
  39. How To Buy Pre Auction
  40. How To Bid
  41. How To Buy Post Auction
  42. 5 Things Estate Agents Will Ask You
  43. 5 Things You Should Ask Estate Agents
  44. When To Book a Viewing
  45. Stacking Up Estimation
  46. 5 Things You'll Need For The Viewing
  47. Viewing Inspection Sheet
  48. View A House With A Builder
  49. How To Price Up A Refurb
  50. Best Ways To Increase Value
  51. Demystifying The Jargon
  52. Total Investment
  53. End Investment
  54. Bridging Finance
  55. First and Second Charges
  56. Remortgage
  57. The 4 Types Of Values
  58. Refurbishment formula
  59. Tax, legals and finance fees
  60. BRRR winning formula
  61. Calculating the EROI
  62. Work Your Numbers Backwards
  63. Finding the true end value
  64. Second Viewings
  65. Embarrassing offers
  66. Provide your documents
  67. Yes subject to a survey
  68. Turning a no into a yes
  69. The power of thank you
  70. When to get a survey
  71. When to instruct builders
  72. Knowing the risks
  73. De – risking the project
  74. Knowing when to pull out
  75. Types of builders
  76. Referrals
  77. Google reviews
  78. Know what you want
  79. Dealing with no shows
  80. Chasing for quotes
  81. 3rd Opinion
  82. Avoiding Vulnerability
  83. Check previous work
  84. Choosing your builder
  85. Liaise with Survey
  86. Itemise the Quote
  87. Extras & Expectations
  88. Communication Before Completion
  89. Communication Through Out
  90. When to pay
  91. Regular Visits
  92. Whatsapp
  93. Zoom
  94. Maintaining Good Relationships
  95. Early Marketing Works
  96. Finishing Touches
  97. Don't settle on your letting agent
  98. Don't settle on your tenant
  99. The power of the AST
  100. Start the refinance process
  101. You need to be present
  102. Don't Push The Valuer
  103. Justifying Your Cheap Price
  104. The Big Show And Tell
  105. What to leave the valuer with
  106. Getting The Valuers On Side
  107. Let The Money Hit Your Bank
  108. Scaling Up To Millions

The training is completely up to date. You will be given lifetime access to the Buy, Refurbish, Refinance Masterclass Online which we be updated whenever necessary. So rest assured you’ll always be bang up to date.

The programme lasts for 1 day. You’ll also be given lifetime access to the Buy, Refurbish, Refinance Masterclass Online which you can work through at your own speed.

As soon as you’ve purchased you’ll be given immediate access to the Buy, refurbish, Refinance Masterclass Online.

The manual and contract pack will be sent to you in the post and usually arrives within 7 days.

The live programme takes place every 3 months. Please email [email protected] for the next available dates.

The cost of the programme is £1995 (including all taxes) 


This includes the Buy, Refurbish, Refinance Masterclass Online (RRP £995) and The Step-by-Step Manual and Contract Pack (RRP £500) which can both be purchased separately.

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