Buy Refurbish Refinance Masterclass

Recycle your money every time you buy a property with this proven winning formula....

On this four-week online programme you will learn the Buy, Refurbish, Refinance formula. This will allow you to buy a property and then pull out all or most of the money that you initially invested. 

This programme goes through every step of the process in detail, from what type of properties work all the way to how you fund the deal. You will be provided with all the necessary theory alongside practical exercises so that you can get started straight away.

Buy, Refurbish, Refinance is a very profitable property strategy. 

Simply put it's a 3 step process.

  1. Buying a property, usually in disrepair and below market value. 
  2. Refurbishing the property and bringing it up to the true market value.
  3. Refinancing the property at its true value which should allow you to pull out most, if not all your initial investment.

When you’ve mastered the BRR strategy you can buy properties without tying up any money.

  • What is BRRR?
  • The 3 Magic Figures
  • You are a Cash Buyer
  • Massive Action VS Careful Due Diligence
  • Selecting your area
  • Verifying the Area
  • Average Salaries
  • Average House Prices
  • Universities & Hospitals
  • Employment
  • Tourism
  • Property Market Information
  • Economic & Development Plans
  • Crime Rates
  • Case Studies
  • Power Of Estate Agents
  • Identify Online Deals
  • Search The Streets
  • Land Registry and Direct Flyers
  • Buying From Sourcers
  • Networking
  • Buying from Auction
  • Fill Your Pipeline
  • 7 essentials For BRRR
  • Raising Finance
  • Access To My Power Team
  • Eliminating Excuses
  • Preparing Your Documents
  • Risks of Auction
  • The Rewards of Auction
  • Never Buy Blind
  • Due Diligence Time
  • Legal Packs
  • Independent Building Survey
  • Viewing With A Builder
  • Preparing Your Finances
  • Set Your Limit
  • Guide Price vs Reserve Price
  • How To Buy Pre Auction
  • How To Bid
  • How To Buy Post Auction
  • 5 Things Estate Agents Will Ask You
  • 5 Things You Should Ask Estate Agents
  • When To Book a Viewing
  • Stacking Up Estimation
  • 5 Things You'll Need For The Viewing
  • Viewing Inspection Sheet
  • View A House With A Builder
  • How To Price Up A Refurb
  • Best Ways To Increase Value
  • Demystifying The Jargon
  • Total Investment
  • End Investment
  • Bridging Finance
  • First and Second Charges
  • Remortgage
  • The 4 Types Of Values
  • Refurbishment formula
  • Tax, legals and finance fees
  • BRRR winning formula
  • Calculating the EROI
  • Work Your Numbers Backwards
  • Finding the true end value
  • Second Viewings
  • Embarrassing offers
  • Provide your documents
  • Yes subject to a survey
  • Turning a no into a yes
  • The power of thank you
  • When to get a survey
  • When to instruct builders
  • Knowing the risks
  • De – risking the project
  • Knowing when to pull out
  • Types of builders
  • Referrals
  • Google reviews
  • Know what you want
  • Dealing with no shows
  • Chasing for quotes
  • 3rd Opinion
  • Avoiding Vulnerability
  • Check previous work
  • Choosing your builder
  • Liaise with Survey
  • Itemise the Quote
  • Extras & Expectations
  • Communication Before Completion
  • Communication Through Out
  • When to pay
  • Regular Visits
  • Whatsapp
  • Zoom
  • Maintaining Good Relationships
  • Early Marketing Works
  • Finishing Touches
  • Don't settle on your letting agent
  • Don't settle on your tenant
  • The power of the AST
  • Start the refinance process
  • You need to be present
  • Don't Push The Valuer
  • Justifying Your Cheap Price
  • The Big Show And Tell
  • What to leave the valuer with
  • Getting The Valuers On Side
  • Let The Money Hit Your Bank
  • Scaling Up To Millions

You will be given lifetime access to the course and if anything changes will we change the course material to reflect those changes. So rest assured you’ll always be bang up to date.

It’s designed to take 4 weeks but you can work through the modules at your own speed.

You can start immediately, as the training is online you can fit the training around your schedule. You’ll also be granted lifetime access so that you can work at your own pace.

The cost of the programme is £995 (including all taxes) 

This includes the Step-by-Step Manual and Contract Pack (RRP £500) which can be purchased separately.

This is exactly what you will be able to do once you have learnt the Buy, Refurbish, Refinance (BRR) strategy.

At this powerful programme you will learn how to:

  • Find the perfect properties for BRR so you can get started straight away
  • Recycle your money by understanding the fundamentals of bridging finance
  • Build a power team you can trust, so that you can save time and money
  • Find and manage builders, so that you never get ripped off again 
  • Estimate refurbishment costs yourself knowing how to force up the value on a property
  • Increase your chances of getting a high end valuation from the valuer
Buy Refurbish Refinance

Special Offer!

Get the Step by Step Manual and Contract Pack for FREE (RRP £500)

FREE! When you purchase the Buy, Refurbish, Refinance Masterclass Online.

This includes full written instructions as well as all the contracts and documentation that you need!

This includes full written instructions as well as all the contracts and documentation that you need including –

  • BRR Deal Analyser
  • Builders Contract
  • Contractor Interview Questions
  • Common Refurb and Renovation Costs
  • Invitation to Tender Letter
  • Schedule of Works Template
  • Personal Loan Agreement
  • Secured Loan Agreement
  • Unsecured Loan Agreement
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Valuation Pack – Example
  • Viewing Inspection Sheet

Stage One: Buy… 

  • Undertaking background research into the local economy; the mix of house types and prices and assessing demand for a specific area.
  • Assessing rental value for a specific area and the online resources to be used for this.
  • How to approach agents and what to say over the phone.
  • Stacking prospective deals
  • Financial stacking of figures (2 comparative examples of potential BRRR projects)
  • Raising Finance and purchasing the property
  • Purchasing with cash
  • Re-mortgaging a residential property to release finance for a cash purchase
  • Where and how to find Joint Venture investors
  • Bridging Finance
  • Lease Option Agreements
  • Finding suitable properties with sufficient scope for increase in value

Stage Two: Refurbishing the Property

  • What to look for in a builder / tradesperson

Stage Three: Refinancing the Property

  • How to prepare a valuation pack
  • Finding a mortgage broker

Stage Four: Renting the Property

  • Viewing checklists
  • Damp information

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