Rent 2 Rent Accelerator - Online

Rent to Rent is where you rent a property from a landlord and rather than live in the property, rent it out again, for a profit.

Typically you'll achieve a higher rental income by utilising the Serviced Accommodation or HMO models and pay the landlord a guaranteed rent which is far lower than you’ll be able to charge to your tenants.


Aim: Get your first R2R deal within 4 weeks of today

Business Planing & Setting Up (week 1)

Power Of Diarising 

Two Main Strategies 

Locating Your Patch 

Knowing Your Strategy 

Selecting Your Management Plan 

Establishing Your Goals 

Business Loans 

Risk Assessing Everything

Registering the Company 

Company Name and Business Banking 

Insurance and Compliance 

Set Up Your £0.01 Website 

Business Cards for £11.99

Launching Your NEW Business

Finding Landlords That Get It (week 2)

Real Life Case Studies 

What’s In It For Them? 

Length of Agreement

What Stops The Landlord Doing It Themselves 

Void Periods

Maintenance Issues 

Management Fees 

Tenant Issues 

Late Payments 

Sell Yourself First 

Approaching Letting Agents 

Doing Business With Agents 

Direct To Vendor for SA’s 

Direct to Vendor for HMO’s

The Problem With Deal Sources

Social Media Farming 

Face To Face Meetings (networking) 

Presenting Your Offer (week 3) 

Go For No (Numbers game)

Go For Yes (Skills) 

Live Rent To Rent Phone Call Analysis

Always Be Closing 

Qualifying the Landlord 

Booking a Viewing 

Carrying Out a Viewing 

Explaining the Idea 

Crunching the Numbers 

ROI Formula 

Submitting Your Offer 

Negotiating The Deal 

Money Upfront 

Works Required

Answering Difficult Questions 

Answering Difficult Questions Intro

Have you done this before?

Your company is brand new?

What if you can’t fill the property?

Isn’t this subletting? 

Can I think about it?

Send me the details over email?

Why couldn’t I just rent it myself? 

Contracts & Due Diligence  (week 4) 

Rent-To-Rent Contracts (HMO + SA) 

Break Clauses

Checking the Title Deeds 

Mortgage Restrictions 

Correct Insurance 

HMO Rules 

HMO Market Research  

SA Rules + Market Research 

Unfinished Business

Raising Finance 

Collaboration Rent2Rents 

Getting The Tenants (bonus material) 

Quality Tenants Fast 

Stage the Property 

Money Shot Photos 

Listing Your HMO 

Listing Your SA 

Proactive Call Outs 

Orchestrating Open Viewings 

Being Rigid Makes You Poor 

Sell Your Tenants 

Tenant Checks 

AST Contracts / Terms of Hire 

CRM System 

Don’t Stop Advertising 

Creating Passive Income 

You will be given lifetime access to the course and if anything changes will we change the course material to reflect those changes. So rest assured you’ll always be bang up to date.

You can start immediately, as the training is online you can fit the training around your schedule. You’ll also be granted lifetime access so that you can work at your own pace.

It’s designed to take 4 weeks but you can work through the modules at your own speed.

The cost of the programme is £995 (including all taxes) 

This includes the Step-by-Step Manual and Contract Pack (RRP £500) which can be purchased separately.

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