How to achieve Financial Freedom in 7 days

You may have seen the video on YouTube with its 1.5 million views, you could have heard about it from the BBC who talked about it or perhaps you've been paying attention to Samuel's social media lately. What are we talking about? It's the 7-day financial freedom challenge! Is it possible to achieve financial freedom in 7 days if you are starting from scratch with no money and no contacts? Samuel did!

So, how did he do it?

There are two types of successful people in the property world – property investors and property entrepreneurs. The former has a lot of money but not much time while the entrepreneur makes money by being creative and adding value. Samuel has been in property for over a decade but he wasn't allowed to use any of his capital or contacts to complete the challenge of acquiring financial freedom within 7 days. He had to go back to the basics of being a budding property entrepreneur.

As you already know, he did it! He says the first few days were tough but after assembling all of his knowledge and gathered every skill in sales and property packaging he'd ever picked up, it all came together. Samuel earned financial freedom buy approaching estate agents and asking whether any of the properties for sale were owned by motivated sellers who would accept 20-30% less than their asking price.

He managed to find a few and they took him seriously because he portrayed the confidence of a person who really did have the means to buy the property. Once he knew that a seller would off-load the property for a discounted rate, he decided to find investors by attending property networking events. Samuel did his research on the area around the properties, found out the potential rental income and packaged up the deal nicely to present to investors he met at events.

He managed to close 3 deals! That wasn't the end though, to earn financial freedom he needed to have a passive income from rent.  So, he decided that he would control a property, instead of buying a property (since he didn't have the funds to do so and wasn't able to get a mortgage or loan).

What does it mean to control a property, instead of buying one? Find out by watching! 

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