How to stay motivated and more!

Happy Saturday, fellow property investors! How do you stay motivated when you're feeling down? What kinds of things pick your spirits up when you're in a rut? Samuel sat down with Alasdair to discuss that among numerous other super interesting topics. If you want insight into the mind and life of a property pioneer, watch this video!

Here are some questions that they explore:

Why is Samuel so motivated to help people?

Samuel says it simply makes him feel good. He makes a reference to a gentleman who attended one of his courses; he was in prison for some time, depressed until he realised there were other inmates serving far longer sentences. So, instead of being downtrodden by his situation, he decided to use his position to help others, channeling his energy into a service to improve the lives of others. Not only did this distract him from his own predicament, it also made him feel good for doing something positive.

Helping other people doesn't just bring optimism to other people's lives – you'll benefit too.

What's the most difficult thing about renting properties?

Having started in property at 17, Samuel has experienced a lot of things in property ownership and investment. He says the most troubling issue tends to be tough tenants, although there are many occasions where he has had wonderful tenants.

He also says cash flow can make life difficult if you're not prepared. You have to budget for unexpected costs, otherwise they'll come and you won't be able to pay. Make sure you have got accessible funds for emergency situations!

Watch the video to learn more about what Samuel finds strenuous.

What's one of Samuel's proudest achievements?

Samuel says he loves his castle, he calls it his crown jewel. Find out why by watching!

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