Is Vanessa Warwick a Racist Landlord?

Vanessa Warwick has been caught red handed helping racist landlords discriminate against tenants simply for the colour of their skin.

– Vanessa is caught on camera laughing hysterically at a mentally unwell man who’s just been sectioned.

– Nigel Dube, a young black man was targeted by Warwick and is now suing her in the High Courts for defamation.

– Hundreds of people are calling her out on this and demanding she be sacked from an “advisor” to landlords at Property Tribes and Property Redress.

I am not a ‘snowflake’ type of person and I don’t go around calling people racist for no reason, but there is a situation that I really feel the need to talk about. There is something going on in the property industry that needs exposing. People are being discriminated against based on their race.
Vanessa Warwick from Property Tribes has helped racist landlords discriminate against ethnic minorities and stands by while her members joke about Asian people deserving discrimination because they will likely “smell the house out with curry”.

Warwick is also being sued by a young black man who was targeted by her for being “wanted by the police” which was later found out to be a false allegation from Warwick.

Hundreds of people are suggesting she should not be an advisor for the Property Redress Scheme nor be allowed to be Community Manager of Property Tribes.

In this article, I will explain why I believe Vanessa Warwick should be dropped as an advisor by the Property Redress Scheme immediately and resign from Community Manager at Property Tribes.

1. Vanessa Warwick runs Property Tribes which hosts racist content.
Property Tribes is an online forum that allows landlords to post about their property journey. Vanessa Warwick is a co-founder and community manager of the website so therefore is responsible for the type of content that the site chooses to host. Of course, it may not be possible for her to read every post or comment, but in general she is quite engaged with the content she profits from.
One user posted asking how he could get around racial discrimination laws and avoid letting out properties to Bangladeshi people. The poster claimed this was due to the cooking smell left in the property by a previous tenant. It is, of course, against the law to discriminate on the basis of race when providing housing and you shouldn’t try to get around the law. That is the only correct response to this kind of question. Unfortunately, Vanessa went in another direction…

2. Vanessa Warwick has given advice to a landlord on how to racially discriminate against tenants without getting caught.
Warwick advised the user that you can simply get around the law by not telling the applicant why they were rejected. By giving this answer, Vanessa was helping landlords break the law and racially discriminate against prospective tenants.
These laws exist to make sure everyone has access to housing regardless of their race or background. The law is there to ensure people are not mistreated based on immutable characteristics i.e. things that people cannot change about themselves. These are important protections and not something to try and get around!

3. Vanessa Warwick seems to have an issue with non-white property investors.
Vanessa doesn’t only have issues with non-white tenants, she also seems to have an issue with minority property investors. Speaking about a property company, she said that she can tell by the profile pictures that the company has ‘red flags’. The pictures were of ethnic minorities.
In another case, she said a young black property investor was wanted by the police. This was false and he is now suing her. We need to stamp out racism in property.

Vanessa Warwick is also a speaker at the National Residential Landlord Association.

You can express your concern to them here:

Property Redress Scheme have recently accepted Vanessa Warwick as an advisor of their panel.

You can write to them at [email protected]

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