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How to become CONFIDENT!

What is confidence?

Confidence is the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something. Being confident is showing confidence in oneself or one's abilities or qualities. (Dictionary.com)

Well, in this week’s video, Samuel shares his advice and explains how one of the most important attributes you need to come successful in property investing, or better still, successful in anything, is CONFIDENCE!

The insightful video illustrates Samuel identify the difference between arrogance and confidence, why many people get confused between the two and how having a lack of confidence can HOLD YOU BACK! The video REVEALS Samuel's secret to his confidence in everything he does and why  doubts and fears can KILL your success!

Many people can be afraid to appear arrogant when trying to be confident, and even though there is a fine between the two, they are both very different. In the clip, Samuel distinguishes the difference and expresses how arrogance say’s your amazing, the best and better than everyone else. Whereas CONFIDENCE says, ‘no-one is better than me but I’m not better than anyone else’.

Samuel uses a quote taken from Will Smith to demonstrate the importance of increasing your confidence,

“The best things in life are always on the other side of fear”

You have to believe and have faith in whatever to you aim to achieve, to then be confident. Being afraid about being successful, making big decisions or stepping out of your comfort zone, that’s a good thing, Samuel explains.

“If you’re not growing your dying, once you have pushed past that fear, there will always be something glorious on the other side.”

Before making any decision, Samuel shares advice on a strategy he always uses, thus increases his confidence. This includes analysing what the best-case scenario is, alongside what the worst-case scenario is, glued together with what the likely outcome is.

To watch the FULL video on ‘HOW to become Confident’ by Samuel Leeds, see the clip below!

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